The Chef's Dinner for the Apostolos Pavlos Center is a great success

CEB1 44 Nea Famagusta, Charity
Last night, the Cyprus Chefs' Dinner was completed with great success at the ZIDIPA reception hall in Avgorou.

CEB1 1592 Nea Famagusta, Charity

The dinner organized for the 14th consecutive year is organized in support of the "Apostolos Pavlos" Center in Liopetri for people with special abilities. The importance of the event is guaranteed by the fact that the whole event consists of exclusively voluntary contributions.

Both the Cyprus Chefs' Association, which cooked for more than a thousand guests, as well as the reception area and the materials used to prepare the food were completely voluntary and with the sole purpose of supporting the school children.


(file image from the Chefs Dinner)