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This is how it will become the capital of Greece

The renovation of the center of Athens is promoted through the European architectural competition "Re-think Athens" «Ξ 

In the presentation of this important project, the Prime Minister Loukas Papadimos spoke, expressing the determination of the government to stop the process of devaluation of the center.

The project includes the intervention in the heart of the capital, with Panepistimiou Street becoming a road for pedestrians, cyclists and the tram, which is intended to serve the public up to Ano Patisia.

In addition, the architectural project "Re-think Athens" extends the urban and traffic interventions from Amalias Avenue (height of Filellinon), the pedestrian street of Areopagitos and the Pillars of Olympian Zeus to Patision Street ). The main axis of the University incorporates the buildings of the Trilogy (University-Academy-National Library) and Omonia Square.

The project will be completed, according to plans, in 1,5 -2 years after the auction. The competition, sponsored by the Onassis Foundation, is described as European, but under existing agreements and conventions between European and non-European countries, it is essentially international.

Source: Newsbeast.gr