"We said to emigrate abroad έχουμε We have nothing to keep us in Cyprus"

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Reportage: Michalis Antoniou

It's one of those moments where you do not know what to say. When a 28-year-old couple tells you that "we have nothing to keep us in Cyprus " what can you say

George and Marina, 28, a couple from Larnaca, studied civil engineering.

Upon their descent to Cyprus, they started looking for a job, with the result that wherever they go, they ask for previous service.

«What they always want you to experience, and they give you soil salaries, is unacceptable", Marina answered me, with a strong style, showing once again the problem that prevails in Cyprus and answering me again why many young people decide to emigrate abroad.

«When I came down to Cyprus I did various jobs. From Barman, to storekeeper and playmaker. Slavery is not a shame of course. Just when you waste your money and time, you definitely want to do what you studied».

When I asked if the pandemic and the lockdowns that our country raised when Covid started, if they were the reasons that made them decide to go abroad, they answered in the affirmative.

«The truth is that we thought about it before but with the lockdown and all these strange measures that the government takes as if we live in a dictatorship, we made the final decision. It does not matter if you are vaccinated or not, the issue is all this pressure from the government. In any case, we do not have anything to keep us in Cyprus except our family and friends, who we will come and go to see them ".

Finally, if they decided for which country they would put a "bow", they answered me "Probably for Denmark, since some of our friends are there and they have told us the best in terms of working conditions, but we have not reached a conclusion yet ".