Summer cinema in Avgorou by the theatrical group "Create"

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The theatrical group "Create" bids farewell to the Summer with the screening of one of the most important films of Greek cinema, the Political or Political cuisine of Tassos Boulmetis. A film that manages to convey the scents of another Greece, another era, Greece that lived outside Greece in the city of Istanbul until their expulsion from the Turkish authorities due to the unrest in Cyprus.

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The screening will take place on Monday, August 31 at 8 pm at the Ethnographic Museum of Avgoros. Admission is 3 euros.

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It is an experiential film by director Tassos Boulmetis, who, being a native of Constantinople himself, deals with the issue of the persecution suffered by the Greeks of the city by the Turkish authorities in 1964.

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The protagonist of the film, Fanis Iakovidis (played by George Chorafas), a professor of astrophysics in Athens, is waiting for his grandfather from Istanbul, whom he has been seeing since his childhood. Starting preparations for his reception, he invites all his grandfather's friends and prepares a series of dishes of political cuisine.

However, a sudden illness of his grandfather will not allow him to travel to Athens. The professor will then decide to go to Istanbul to meet him and remember again the years he lived there with his parents, who are embodied by Ieroklis Michailidis and Renia Louizidou.

There are all the pleasant memories of childhood, the unpleasant ones of persecution and deportation, but also the first love of his life, Saime, played by the Turkish actress Basak Köklükaya.

Directed by: Tassos Boulmetis
Screenplay: Tassos Boulmetis
Starring: George Chorafas: George Chorafas, Ieroklis Mikhail Mikhailidis, Rania Luizidzidou, Renia Luizidou, Stelios Maina Mina, Tassos Bandis, Tassos Bandis, Basak Kokkulukaya, Basak Koklukukaya, Tatar Karantagli, Tatar Karantagli, Athinodoros Prousali .
Music: Evanthia Reboutsika