Grigoris Arnaoutoglou: Trapped on Attiki Odos - His description is shocking

"All this is not redeemed with 2 thousand", the presenter emphasizes

grigorisarnaoutoglou 1 GRIGORIS ARNAOUTOGLOU, trapped

Grigoris Arnaoutoglou spoke on the show "Good Morning Greece" about the adventure he went through with his confinement on Attiki Odos due to the heavy snowfall.

The presenter stated, among other things, that no one notified that they could leave the exits and stressed that they were put inside even though the cars were already stopped.

"From a life stage I want to see everything positive. And because I was celebrating yesterday, I was not in the mood to go out and complain. I have a radio show that says it all there. I will say it very quickly. I am a fan of Attiki Odos, because I go from there to the radio and the shooting of the show on ANT1 ", he said initially and added:

"I decided at 12 noon to go to the editing and I entered Attiki Odos, I have the electronic entrance and I am in shock, because everything is stopped. It took me an hour, an hour and a half to reach the next exit which is Kifissias. The shocking thing is that everything was stopped, no one says "get out there". All the cars were sliding uphill without chains, so those who were going to get out were slipping and going from behind. And so the perfect block was made that no one could get out, because no one warned that you could get out of the exits ".

"Fortunately I made a turn, a gentleman let me pass and I left very quickly after an hour and a half. What shocked me and I wanted to say was that the cars were already stopped when they put us inside. "All this suffering is not equated with 2.000 euros in compensation," he concluded.