They "rented" a homeless person to make the vaccine in their place

A man and a woman try to get the vaccine with the personal data of two other people

DSC 0379 14 homeless, vaccinated

They caught the homeless man, his "match" broke out and they went to be vaccinated together instead of others. The incredible incident occurred yesterday afternoon (Thursday) at the hospital of West Attica Ag. Barbara, with a man and a woman trying to get the vaccine with the personal data of two other people.

The two gave their details to the hospital staff in order to get the vaccine. However, the staff of the Infectious Diseases Hospital immediately realized that something was wrong, as according to his information, the homeless man was behaving strangely and confusing his "personal" information and the woman, while having the identity of a 28-year-old woman, seemed much older. These facts raised suspicions.

In fact, according to information from, an employee asked the man for his mobile phone and his AMKA and, suspiciously, called his mobile phone. At that moment, the gentleman who was to be vaccinated did not pick him up, but someone else, who, as soon as the employee told him that he was calling from the vaccination center for the vaccine, hung up the phone.

Hospital staff immediately alerted police. The girl managed to escape, but the homeless man was trapped and a spontaneous procedure was initiated. As she revealed, speaking to, the commander of the Hospital, Fotini Vryna about the homeless man "She had come with all the details of the other man, but he was not normal. We always check the details when anyone comes to the hospital. "He showed that he did not know some things that his colleagues were asking him, he was confusing them."

According to information from, they are homeless and drug addicts, who do this "job" for 25 euros. The incredible case of forgery seems to have started in Omonia Square. Specifically, around 4 in the afternoon, a Roma man allegedly approached a homeless man, a drug addict and offered him the vaccine for 25 euros in the place of a relative. The 46-year-old homeless man agreed, went to the hospital, pretending to be the other person. The hospital staff noticed him and called 100.

In fact, after the incident, the Minister of Health immediately contacted the employees of the Hospital in person and congratulated them for the quick reflexes they showed. The case has been taken over by the Security Department of Agia Varvara.

In fact, for the homeless man, the police are examining the possibility that he has repeated the same act in the past, that is, for a fee of 25 euros, that he went to get the vaccine instead of other people.