The great Greek artist Christos Sarakatsianos died

He presented his first solo exhibition in Athens in 1982

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The important visual artist Christos Sarakatsianos passed away after a long illness. His funeral will take place from the First Cemetery of Athens, church of Agios Theodoros, on Thursday (20.01.2022) at 1.00 at noon.

Greek painter, engraver and sculptor Christos Sarakatsianos was born in 1937 in Megali Gotista, Ioannina. His first teachers in art were the hagiographer George Kazakos and Panos Sarafianos. He then studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, first in the sculpture workshop of Thanasis Apartis and then with Giannis Moralis, with a scholarship from IKY.
He also studied scenography and decoration. He graduated in 1967. In the period 1967 - 1973 he traveled to various European countries where he visited museums and studied the currents of contemporary art. He also studied ancient Greek, Byzantine and folk art.

He presented his first solo exhibition in Athens in 1982. Both in
In his paintings and engravings, the main thematic element is the naked female body, while the male body is less common. In his painting he mostly uses acrylics and oils. The forms
are sometimes rendered in fragments or with anatomical arbitrariness. They have vivid flat colors and clear shapes, where curves predominate. The figures are often accompanied by abstract elements with a strong geometric
character, setting the background.

The personal writing of the artist has been shaped by assimilation
cubist, expressionist and surreal elements, but also contains references to geometric abstraction, as well as to the angiography of antiquity. The content of his works, mainly highlights one
reflection on the phenomenon of life of fertility and death.

In his black and white engravings we find a related theme and the same codes he uses in his painting. Especially in his woodcuts he highlights the hardness, the roughness but also the
warmth that its material can give.

In the context of his wider artistic activity, he was involved in the illustration of publications and the editing of publications. He was a founding member of the Copperplate Group (1977 - 1980) and is an active member of many collective bodies related to art.

He has had solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad (Italy, Belgium, Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Cyprus). His works can be found in museums and galleries (National Gallery, Vorre Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art - Andros, Municipal Gallery of Athens, National Bank of Greece, Municipal Gallery of Rhodes, Heraklion, etc.) as well as in private collections in Greece, Europe, America. and Japan.

Christos Sarakatsianos: Solo exhibitions

  • 1982, Artistic Cultural Center, Athens
  • 1984, Level Art Galleries, Athens
  • 1984, Stavrakaki Art Gallery, Heraklion, Crete
  • 1985, Epochi Art Gallery, Ioannina
  • 1985, Stavrakaki Art Gallery, Heraklion, Crete
  • 1985, Delphi Gallery of Fine Arts, Delphi
  • 1986, Agathi Art Gallery, Athens
  • 1986, Vassilis and Elizas Goulandris Foundation, Archaeological
  • Andros Museum, Andros
  • 1987, Commandarios Gallery of Sparta, Sparta
  • 1988, Gallerie F, Athens
  • 1989, Stavrakaki Art Gallery, Heraklion, Crete
  • 1990, Vorre Museum, Peania, Attica
  • 1990, Victoria Artists Society, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1996, The Union League Club, New York, USA.
  • 1999, Stavros Mihalarias Art, Athens
  • 2000, Amymoni Contemporary Art Space, Ioannina
  • 2002, Gallery Polychromo, Andros
  • 2005, Municipal Gallery of Ioannina, Ioannina
  • 2009, Amymoni Contemporary Art Space, Ioannina
  • 2010, Apollo Multipurpose Center, Piraeus

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