Athens: Farmers with tractors for the pan-Hellenic agricultural rally

The aim of the rally is to highlight the problems faced by farmers

Screenshot 3 11 rural rally, Athens

Gathered at the Castle of Boeotia since Monday afternoon are tractors that have been gathered from all the blocs of central and northern Greece to take part in the pan-Hellenic rally that will take place this afternoon in the center of Athens.

The descent to the capital will begin this morning, with the aim, according to announcements, to be at Omonia Square at 17:30 p.m. and from there at 18:30 p.m. to carry out a motorized march to the Syntagma.

Farmers from Thessaly by bus

In addition, farmers, breeders and beekeepers from all over the country will travel to Athens in their own vehicles but also in buses, with the first estimates accounting for only 60 buses from Thessaly and around 5.000 farmers participating.

As far as the farmers from Western Greece and the Peloponnese blocs are concerned, they are expected to meet in the area of ​​Megara, before heading towards the center of the capital.

According to the producers, the aim of the rally is to highlight the problems faced by the primary sector and to provide solutions to the increased production costs of recent years.

The farmers descend on the center of Athens with tractors and buses

Traffic regulations

Accompanied by patrol cars of the Greek police, the descent of the tractors will take place from the Boiotia Castle as well as from Megara Attica, where they are expected to gather before the transition to Athens.

According to the Greek police, in order to avoid additional burden on the traffic, the buses that will transport farmers have been planned to park at the Olympic Stadium. Due to the measures, modifications are also expected to be made to the routes and stops of the means of transport (Buses – Trolley).

Specifically, the traffic regulations that will be applied are as follows:
Temporary stoppage of traffic along the route that agricultural vehicles will follow: Athens Avenue, Achilleos, Karaiskaki Square. They will move in the opposite direction to Agios Konstantinou Street, Omonoia Square and Panepistimi Street, in order to reach Syntagma. There will be a temporary traffic stop around Omonia Square.
Vehicular traffic will be suspended on Amalias Avenue, Panepistimiou Street, Vasilissis Sofias Avenue and all perpendicular streets.
Vasilissis Sofias will be interrupted from the height of the Parliament and traffic on the descent will be made up to Sekeri Street.
Vehicles moving on Akadimias Street will only go towards the rise of Vasilissa Sofia.