Jellyfish in Cyprus: When are they expected to go away?

Individuals of the Nomadic Medusa are also recorded on the beaches of Famagusta District

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Following the announcement of the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (TATHE) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment dated March 6 regarding the appearance of jellyfish of the species Rhopilema nomadica, commonly known as the Nomadic Jellyfish, the TATHE informs the public that due to the existing hydrographic conditions, the presence of individual individuals of the species remains in the coastal area of ​​Cyprus. Individuals of the Nomadic Medusa have been recorded in the last few days from the Gulf of Limassol to the beaches of the free Province of Famagusta.

In order to inform and ensure the protection of the public, TATHE urges the public to be careful in coastal areas and to avoid touching jellyfish, whether they are in the sea or have already washed up on the beach.

It is noted that the presence of a jellyfish population is a transient phenomenon and it is expected that individuals of the species will move away to the open sea when and if the direction of the sea currents changes.