Bill Gates: The man who makes $ 4.630 a second

How rich is the fourth richest croissant in the world

Screenshot 2021 05 05 130725 Bill Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced after 27 years of marriage, as they announced on Twitter on Monday.

The announcement made many think exactly how the couple will share their huge fortune.

Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, is now the 4th richest man in the world, with a fortune of 146 billion dollars, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index.


But no matter how they distribute their money, they will undoubtedly remain two of the richest people in the world.

But how rich is Gates? Which made $ 41 billion last year and over $ 70 billion since 2016.

According to Business Insider estimates, Gates earns $ 4.630 per second, based on his earnings last year.

If he starts spending $ 1 million a day, it will take him more than 400 years to eat his money.

Despite making his fortune from Microsoft, in 2019 he owned only 1,3% of it. He remains the 4th richest man in the world, having donated at least $ 40 billion to charity.

It is so rich that it has more than the GDP of Luxembourg, Estonia and Bolivia combined.

It could give $ 15 to every person on the planet and save $ 28 billion…