Bloomberg: 28 condemn Turkey's illegal actions in the Mediterranean

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European leaders meeting in Brussels tomorrow, Thursday, will strongly condemn "Turkey's continued illegal activity in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean" and will underline "their full solidarity with Cyprus and Greece" in line with the draft conclusions of the summit. which are at the disposal of the Bloomberg agency.

According to the Bloomberg draft, “recalling the conclusions of October 2014 and the Declaration
"On 21 September 2005, the European Council urges Turkey to stop these actions and to respect the sovereign right of Cyprus to explore and exploit its natural resources in accordance with EU and international law."

"In this context, it recalls Turkey's obligation to respect international law and good neighborly relations and to normalize its relations with all EU Member States, including the Republic of Cyprus," the relevant paragraph of the document reads. of Bloomberg with today's date (21/03/2018).