British man killed his wife with a screwdriver in a hotel in Turkey

The perpetrator tried to escape from the scene of the crime in a taxi

Screenshot 6 murder, screwdriver, fight, Turkey

A British tourist has been charged with brutally murdering his wife with a screwdriver in their hotel room in Turkey after an argument.

The 26-year-old woman was found dead around 12:30 p.m. local time on Tuesday, reportedly from the Ulubat Castle Hotel in Istanbul's Fatih Mevlanakapı district.

Hotel staff reported hearing "noises" from a room and found the victim "fallen in a pool of blood". Doctors arrived at the scene and pronounced her dead.

The woman had gashes on her neck and all over her body, and the medical examiner concluded that she had been murdered with a screwdriver. In fact, the perpetrator had hit her with the screwdriver 41 times.

Turkish police immediately arrested the woman's 28-year-old husband, who was wearing a blood-stained white T-shirt and tried to take a taxi away from the crime scene.

The suspect confessed to his heinous act and said he threw the screwdriver down the toilet of the hotel room.

According to Turkish media, "he was taken to prison by the court on the charge of intentional homicide against his wife."

He claimed that the victim gave him drugs on the day of the attack, leading to a fight.

In a statement to police, he said he used drugs because of "psychological problems."

He allegedly admitted to fleeing the scene of the crime after destroying the evidence.

CCTV footage also reportedly shows the suspect leaving the hotel alone. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.