Workers crawl in the middle of the street as punishment for not catching targets

Workers crawl in the middle of the street as punishment for not catching targets

Outrageous images were recorded on a street in a Chinese city

Outrageous images were recorded on a Chinese city street, with dozens of workers appearing to fall on the asphalt crawling because they failed to catch their employer targets.

According to eyewitnesses who captured the scenes, the eight women worked for a local company and were forced into this public outcry because their employers believed that their reduced performance at work was the cause of their failure to achieve the company's goals.

In fact, the head of the eight unfortunate workers was their boss, who carried a large red flag with the company logo, in an action that was perceived as an attempt to "advertise" the company to passing citizens.

According to Chinese media, several passers-by were severely annoyed by the images, which refer more to a scam than to a working condition, and informed the local authorities, with the police reaching the point of forcing the boss to revoke the "punishment", while he was imposed. several thousand dollars fine.

However, from time to time several similar complaints have seen the light of day from various Chinese cities. Some time ago, police arrested a manager at a hair salon who forced his employees to slap themselves and run 10 kilometers on the streets of Jianji city because their performance was not satisfactory, while in another also outrageous case, workers were flogged and forced to consume due to defective order.

China is considered one of the worst countries in the world in terms of working conditions, despite the fact that the legislation explicitly prohibits any punishment of an employee by employers.