He went to his house for a date (blindly) and was "trapped" due to a lockdown

He was trapped in his house after a short time after he got there, a total lockdown was imposed in the area

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The "deaf" of the lockdowns give a different note to the gloomy image that the pandemic has been offering lately. So what did the date at the house of the boy he had met on a blind date, a woman in China, want?

He was trapped in his house after a short time after he arrived there, a total lockdown was imposed in the area. China is reminded, adheres to the strict policy of "zero cases" by imposing mandatory quarantine on millions of people.

So a 30-year-old went to meet a man at his house, with whom they had previously met through a blind date.

"I'm getting older now, my family recommended me 10 people," he said in a video on social media. "On the fifth date he wanted to show me his cooking skills and invited me to his house for dinner."

Unable to leave, Wang was stuck at her date's house for days. She posted a video of the unexpected experience of living together on social media, showing the would-be flirt cooking with her while she was working on my computer.

The videos quickly went viral, with Wang's meeting becoming a hot topic on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter-like platform. "She cooks, cleans the house and works. "Even though his cooking is not very good, he is still willing to spend time in the kitchen," Wang told The Paper.

Wang said in a post Monday that she had downloaded her original video from her account after it went viral. "I'm still in the man's house right now. He is a shy, honest person and does not talk much. "After my video became popular (on Weibo), some friends started calling him - I think it affected his life, so I removed it," he said.

"Thank you all for your attention. I hope the pandemic ends soon and the free girls find a relationship soon," she said, according to cnn.com.

Translated by cnn.com