The terrifying experience of a girl who rented her house on AirBnB

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Who knew what awaited her

AirBnB has its pros, as you can find a cheap house to stay for your vacation or business trips, but on the other hand it carries risks. And we are not just talking about the fact that in many cities around the world, either simple rental shops have disappeared, or prices have skyrocketed, but also that you are putting a stranger in your home.

OK, every user can have their own reviews as a customer, but on the other hand you never know what dawns on you. Take for example the adventure of Alavia Khawaja, who on October 11 rented a room in the house she stayed with her sister, to a guy who had a good rating.

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As she mentioned in her post on Twitter, it all started when she found out that she did not open the lock in her room, she had thrown away that she had a photo with her male friends and was looking for her wardrobe.

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After she complained to him about what she was doing, she kicked him out of the house, but a little later she found out that, among other things, he had stolen $ 500 from her. He informed the AirBnB, but also the police, who after locating him saw that he had been arrested because he had hurt a child. In the case of the theft, however, they could not do anything since he did not confess. So he was released…

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With the police and AirBnB showing great signs of inaction, the young girl decided to send him a message, resulting in the following dialogue…

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She then contacted the police again, who told her she could not do anything, but advised her if she saw him call the authorities again to intervene. Panicked by all this, she took her car, parked it in front of the house and waited for him to show up. Something that actually happened, resulting in his arrest. In fact, three weapons were found on him, but the sequel was not what one would expect, as 24 hours later he was released again…

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In the period that followed, the specific guy continued to harass her with messages, as a result of which an arrest warrant was issued for his arrest.

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