Family rented a house through AirBnb and found themselves in a brothel

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It happens

Family members from Denmark could not believe their eyes when they saw the apartment they had rented through AirBnb for a weekend in Germany.

This is because instead of a family apartment they found themselves in front of a α nursing home!

Anna Visgo, 25, had planned a trip to Hannover to celebrate her mother's 50th birthday.

According to a Danish website, when they arrived at the address they had received, a prostitute appeared and led them to a room with whips and popcorn strips.

"When we got out of the taxi we were greeted by a prostitute who happily told us' will you stay here? How nice!" and he showed us where we should go "described the surreal moments that the 25-year-old Danish lived.

"And as if we were not shocked by the image of naked women on the posters on the walls, they advised us to be careful when going down the stairs because of the women who worked in the brothel," Vigo added.

According to her, nowhere in the post on the AirBnb platform was there any evidence that the apartment was in a brothel.