SPAIN: Bill for free choice of sex from 14

Everyone aged 14 and over will have the right to choose the sex they want to belong to without a medical diagnosis.

Spain - Bill: Free choice of gender from 14

The path of absolute equality and absolute self-determination opens in Spanish society a bill of the Ministry of Equality.

According to the draft law, which is curated by the competent Minister Irene Montero, every person aged 14 and over will have the right to choose the sex they want to belong to without a medical diagnosis and without the obligation of hormone treatment.

"In this way, we recognize the right to free identification of gender, we are committed to de-pathologicalization, that is, trans people will no longer be considered patients in our country," said Montero, a member of Podemos who advocated self-determination. gender identity.

This point has been the cause of controversy within the government: Carmen Calvo, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Socialist Party, said in February that she was "deeply concerned about the idea that gender will be chosen solely on the basis of will or the desire "of everyone.

The two parties finally agreed to include in the bill an article that sets a period of three months from the day someone submits the request until it is finalized. A maximum of three months after the request is submitted, the registrar should call the person concerned to confirm and validate it. The same opportunity will be given to people aged 14-16, provided that they are accompanied throughout the process by their legal representatives.

The bill will be put to public consultation and then introduced in the plenary session of the Spanish parliament in which the Socialists and Podemos have ruled for the last two years under the "tolerance" of smaller political formations.

According to the law that is still in force today, in order to change / choose a gender, one must undergo two years of hormone treatment and a psychological evaluation. This will no longer be necessary.