China: The moment of the 50-meter-long road collapse (VIDEO)

dromos 1 ROAD, COLLAPSE, China

An unprecedented event was recorded by a camera on a street in the southwestern province of Sichuan in China.  

The video shows the moment when a section, 50 meters long of the road, collapses.

The incident happened shortly before 07:00 on Sunday morning.

A resident living above the section of the road that collapsed said:

"I was just sleeping. I heard the noise but did not pay attention. Then I heard the wall of our apartment building collapse. "It was scary."

Another resident who witnessed the incident said:

"I saw cracks in the road at least 20 to 30 cm. Two elderly people were walking along the street and I called them to run. "A little later, we saw the road collapse."

Police evacuated the area for the safety of residents.

According to the city police authorities, there were no injuries. However, the causes of the road collapse are being investigated.

Chinese media report that the collapse was caused by heavy rains in recent days.