Former Cambridge Analytica CEO 'burns' Trump (BINTEO)


The current CEO of the British Cambridge Analytica, who is accused of illegally acquiring and using the data of millions of Facebook users, allegedly claims, in a video that was secretly taken, that his company played a key role in Donald Trump's election campaign, the 2016 presidential election.

The British television network Channel 4 "trapped" Alexander Knicks and recorded him stating that he had met "many times" with the then Republican candidate and that the company played a central role in the last months of the election campaign.

"We did all the research. We recorded all the data. We did all the analyzes. We did all the targeting. "We ran the whole digital campaign and our database kept us informed of their strategy," Nix was quoted as saying by a "secret" reporter who met him at a London hotel.

Knicks was fired yesterday by the board of Cambridge Analytica, just hours before the second part of the channel's report on the company aired.