Kim Jong Un is very thin: "He eats less for the good of his country"

North Korea is in the midst of a severe food crisis

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North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un has appeared visibly emaciated in photos released this week by state news agency.

Kim chaired the plenary session of the ruling Central Committee of the ruling Labor Party, during which he usually makes important announcements for the new year.

The 37-year-old leader, according to international reports, has been losing weight in recent months, triggering scenarios for his health condition.

However, the country's authorities say that Kim is healthy and just eats less "for the good of his country" in the midst of a serious food crisis.

The meeting took place as Kim completes ten years in power in North Korea, following the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, in 2011.

North Korea's economy has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, international sanctions on its nuclear arsenal and mismanagement, although these have had little effect on Kim's popularity, according to international analysts.

The country is facing a food crisis after the catastrophe with severe floods that hit its areas and the destruction of crops and property of citizens.

The United Nations estimates that North Korea is short of 860.000 tons of food - equivalent to about 2,3 months.

In July, Pyongyang instructed citizens to start producing their own food, as shortages may not last for more than three years.

In October, Kim told citizens they should eat less until the border with China reopens in 2025.