Archdiocese: Why was Bartholomew forced to resign? (VIDEO)

Theologian Theodoros Kyriakou spoke about the pre-election campaign ahead of the Archbishop's elections

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Theologian Theodoros Kyriakou spoke on the front page about the pre-election campaign ahead of the Archbishop elections and also about the statements of the Ecumenical Patriarch.

Initially he mentioned that there is a lot of activity in the staff of the Metropolitan of Paphos. Speaking about the videos and the statements of Pafos Georgios on the national issue, he said that "there must also be a reference to the spiritual work of the Church. He cannot isolate the national issue because he believes that he will get votes from there."

He added that the Archdiocesan elections have taken on the character of secular elections. "The temptation is great." He emphasized that the staffs will have a stronger presence in the coming days. "We are hearing contradictory things and it is in the context of the pre-election campaign."

He then spoke about the property of the Archdiocese in Brussels, noting that the decision of the Synod was to give the property to the Patriarchate for long-term use and not to transfer the property. "If this is true, then the Archbishop's decision to transfer the property was an act outside the decision of the Holy Synod."

He pointed out that in order to spend more than 17.000 euros, approval from the Holy Synod is needed. "From the moment this act was done, then they are released and all that remains is to inform the Synod."

Regarding the statements of the Ecumenical Patriarch that he does not interfere in the Archbishop elections, he said that the statement was made because the Metropolitans are going to Constantinople. "The effort of the Metropolitans of Limassol and Tamasos is to show that there is no problem. They know they will not get the support of the Ecumenical Patriarch."

He pointed out that there is a scenario circulating that the choice of the Ecumenical Patriarch is Constantias Basilios. "They say that he has asked the Greek Embassy to be active with the Greeks on behalf of Basil. Thus Bartholomew was forced to say that he does not deal with the Archdiocese."

Mr. Kyriakou stressed that the candidate Metropolitans must keep their voices down because if their relations reach extreme points then any cooperation in the Synod will be difficult.

It is recalled that according to an announcement by the Church, any person who is interested will be able to find out in each parish and community if they are included in the list. Also, tomorrow at six o'clock in the afternoon, there will be a link on the website of the Archdiocese, entitled "Learn how to vote".