Easter allowance was approved for low pensioners – Who are the beneficiaries

What did the Ministry decide?

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The Council of Ministers, during today's session, approved the proposal of the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Ms. Marilena Evangelos for the granting of an Easter Allowance to beneficiaries of the Plan to Support Pensioners with Low Incomes.

The low-income pensioner's Easter Allowance, which amounts to €190 per pensioner, will be paid to those low-income pensioners whose income does not exceed:

(a) €7.000 for a single household or

(b) €12.000 for a household of two people.

It is noted that the income limit is adjusted according to the composition of the household, i.e. it increases by €2.100 for each dependent under the age of 14 and by €3.500 for each dependent over the age of 14.

The number of low-income pensioners who are expected to benefit from the Easter allowance amounts to approximately 16.200 and the estimated expenditure to approximately €3.07 million.

The Easter Allowance will be paid into the accounts of the beneficiaries, via bank transfer, on 12 April 2023.