Images from the rescue of 177 migrants off Larnaca (pics)

A total of 177 people have been rescued and are in good health

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On September 19, 2022 at 22:20, the Larnaca Police Department received information about a boat with more than 100 people in danger, which was sailing at a distance of 30NM south of Larnaca Port, within the E-D area of ​​responsibility of the Republic of Cyprus.

The KSED proceeded with the implementation of the National E-D Plan "TEVKROS", immediately mobilizing the "Theseas" of the Western L&N Police, the PATH "Ioannidis" and the PGY "Alasia" of the Naval Administration of the Greek Navy as well as nurses of the Ambulance Service OKYP.

As of 12:20 on September 20, a total of 177 people (110 men and 67 women and children) have been rescued and are in good health.

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