The gyms are reopening today

What else opens

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People exercise at a gym which has reopened with new social distancing and hygiene rules after months of closure due to an outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Rome, Italy, May 25, 2020. REUTERS / Remo Casilli

As part of the third phase of relaxation measures, gyms are reopening today under strict protection measures.

At the same time, as of today, June 13, casinos, sports venues, dance schools, boxing, boxing, etc., theme parks, waterpark, amusement park, etc. will reopen.

Regarding the long-awaited opening of the gyms, the Ministry of Health has issued a series of instructions and protection measures which should be applied by both the staff of the gyms and the clients.

The President of the Association of Owners, Michalis Siekerkeris, told SIGMA that the operating conditions will be very different from before, as the decree provides for limitations in terms of capacity, while the attendance will be made after settlement.

Mr. Siekerkeris also said that every trainee should carry all the necessary equipment with him. Inside the gyms there will be antiseptics to disinfect the fitness equipment, while there will be regular disinfection of the area.

Source: sigmalive