Dangerous roads due to weather conditions

Morning police briefing on road conditions – Roads affected by weather

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Weather conditions affect roads mainly in the mountains. The Police, for the safe movement of citizens and to avoid inconvenience, informs them about the situation on the road network.

On the road network of urban areas, as well as on the highways, there are no particular problems, around 7:00 am this Saturday, February 11.

Problems in the mountains

In the mountains, open only to vehicles with four-wheel drive, or to vehicles equipped with anti-skid chains, due to snowfall and frost on the road surface, are the roads:

  • Karvouna-Troodos,
  • Platron-Troodos,
  • Prodromos Troodos, as well
  • the road Karvounas-Kyperountas.

Open to all vehicles, however slippery, are the roads:

  • Pedula - Pinewood - Kakopetrias
  • Kakopetrias - Karvouna
  • Kakopetria – Spilion
  • Pedoula - Kykkou - Kambou
  • Plain - Orcona
  • Pedoula - Prodromou
  • Prodromou - Lemythos

It is pointed out that due to the prevailing winter conditions, the situation on the road network is changing. The public is urged, as before their movements, to be informed about the condition of the roads through the announcements made by the Police.

Police announcements are posted in a timely manner on the Police information website www.cypruspolicenews.com, on the Police Facebook page (Facebook.com/cypolice), as well as on the Police Twitter account (twitter.com/Cyprus_Police).