Testimony of the mother of a person with autism - "There are two solutions" (VIDEO)

"I have had very difficult years, but also very good years. Autism does not go away with medication "

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Ada Stamatatou, the mother of Giannis, a young man who belongs to the autism spectrum, spoke on the front page about people with autism and the treatment they should receive from the State. Ms. Stamatatou maintains a Facebook page called "My life with John", where she publishes the actions she does with her son. 

Ms. Stamatatou initially stated that her purpose was to bring the image of an autistic person into everyday life. "How he moves and how he behaves so that if someone he meets an autistic person on the street knows that it is autistic behavior, he knows that he is a John."

He added that whatever one reads about autism one will not understand unless one sees an autistic person. He added that there are specific movements that autistic people make. "If we see an autistic person in the supermarket, we should understand why he is shouting and why he is moving strangely. It is not a problem that you want to turn from the other because it bothers you ".

Ms. Stamatatou also spoke about the book she wrote, explaining that she tries to convey short stories about autism with simple examples. "It's a book that pushes you to keep going despite what is happening to you. "Anyone can read it."

He also spoke about the contribution of sports to autism, explaining that exercise is the cheapest psychotherapy. "With sports you can promote things and it is a way to hang out with Giannis."

He added that de facto they can not hang out because John is closed to his own world. "We coexist in this world. "We sit on the same couch without talking, but we communicate with sports."

Speaking about the measures and the lockdown that Greece went through, as well as several other countries, he stated that it was difficult to change the habits of people who have some health problems, so he asked the state to exclude these people so that they can go for a swim.

Ms. Stamatatou stressed that when something tragic happens in your life, there are two solutions. Swallow it and continue or jump off the balcony. "I chose to move on."

At the same time, she talked about the incident where a little girl approached her in the park and asked her about Giannis. "John has a passion for children because he is a giant with a height of 1.85". He added that he explained to the child what Giannis has and why he behaves the way he behaves.

He pointed out that young children follow the model of their parents. "If the parents are indifferent and make fun of them, so will the children," he added. He also explained that a person with autism can change every six months and you must be constantly on the alert and contact his psychiatrist. "I have had very difficult years, but also very good years. "Autism does not go away with medication."

He clarified that autistic people can not communicate verbally, which is why they often use violence. "Of course, Giannis does not want to hit me, but it was his only way to show me that a drama was living in his brain." He finally stated that he is thinking of making another book for children. "This way I will explain to children what autism is with simple words and pictures."

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