Cypriot treasures by selling her breast milk! (Light)

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A highly profitable business seems to have set up an inventive 24-year-old from Cyprus, who lately "treasures" by selling her breast milk online to bodybuilders.

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According to the Daily Mail, Rafaela Lambrou gave birth to her son Angelos seven months ago and soon found that the milk she produced was so large that she did not have enough space to store it.

So she started advertising and selling her milk via the internet to strangers, and so far she has already made over 5.000 euros, selling more than 500 liters of milk on the market!

The young hotel employee explains to the newspaper that she initially donated her milk to women who had problems with breastfeeding.
But then he noticed on the internet that there was interest from men for breast milk, either as a "super food" in the context of building muscle or for… fetishistic reasons.

breastfeeding, Breast milk
Today, Rafaela, who lives with her husband Alexis and their two children, sends milk to the customer every day, providing a significant addition to their family income.

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According to the Daily Mail, the young woman charges about 3 euros for 100 grams of milk.

Most of the customers who first approached her to ask for her milk explained that they consume it because it is an excellent food for strengthening muscles.
However, as she says, a portion of the buyers are people who have a fetish with breastfeeding, something that was initially strange to her but now she is used to it.

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"At first it was weird to give my milk to a guy with a fetish, but as soon as he gets it and he doesn't ask me to show him any part of my body, I don't mind at all.

Now Rafaela is breastfeeding on demand with the full support, as she says, of her husband. In fact, she has created a website where she advertises her milk and where she accepts orders.

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