Yellow warning in effect – Rain and thunderstorms continue

Detailed weather forecast

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The yellow warning for strong storms, which was issued on Thursday 19/00 by the Department of Meteorology, is in effect until 16:02 on the afternoon of Friday 15/02.

Low pressure affects the area.

Today the weather will be partly cloudy with local rain and isolated thunderstorms. In a storm, hail may fall, while snow or sleet may fall on the highest peaks of Troodos. Winds will be mainly northeast to southeast, light to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort and the sea will generally be a bit rough. The temperature will rise to around 16 degrees inland, around 18 on the coast and 8 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight the weather will gradually become mostly clear, however locally increased clouds are likely to give isolated rain, mainly on the coasts. During the morning hours, in areas of the interior but also in the east, a thin mist or fog may form. Winds will blow northwest to northeast, light, 3 Beaufort. The sea will gradually become calm to a little rough. The temperature will drop to around 5 degrees in the interior, around 9 on the coasts and around 2 degrees in the higher mountains, where locally frost is expected to form.

On Saturday the weather will be cloudy at times and local rains and isolated storms are expected. On Sunday, increased clouds are expected to give isolated rains or even storms, mainly in the afternoon. On Monday the weather will be partly cloudy with isolated showers. Snow or sleet is likely to fall on the highest peaks of Troodos.

The temperature will rise slightly on Saturday and not change significantly until Monday to be slightly above the average climatic values.