The administration of a booster dose to specific groups has begun

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From The process of boosting the dose for people 50 years of age and older, those who have been vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson and people with diabetes begins today. said to KYPE, the Communication Advisor of the Minister of Health Konstantinos Athanassiou.

He clarified that for the elderly 50 years and older the booster dose is given six months after the initial vaccination.

The booster dose is given mRNA technology vaccine, ie Pfizer and Moderna.

We should clarify, he noted, that People who received the Pfizer vaccine at the initial vaccination will have the same vaccine at the booster dose The same applies to the Moderna vaccine which will receive the same vaccine.

For people vaccinated with AstraZeneca or Moderna they will have the choice between mRNA technology, namely Pfizer and Moderna.

It is very important to say, continued Mr. Athanassiou, that Beneficiaries can be vaccinated at free-range vaccination centers operating in all provinces. The important thing is that you do not need any appointment arrangements and can come from Monday to Thursday from 8 am to XNUMX pm. On Friday, people who are not beneficiaries in GESS can also hurry.

Of course, he explained, Those who wish can arrange appointments through the Vaccination Portal that is available so that they can go to the Vaccination Centers.

Mr. Athanassiou finally stated that for the start of a supportive dose in obese people, a relevant announcement will be issued in the coming days.