Min. Georgia: The Government is working for a green and competitive Cyprus

"The Government is working to create an efficient, green and competitive Cyprus"

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The Government is working to create an efficient, green and competitive Cyprus, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Petros Xenophontos said on Thursday at an event held in Nicosia on the occasion of World Meteorology Day.

In his greeting at the start of the event, Mr. Xenophontos said that climate change, under the burden of human activity, the greenhouse effect and the ozone hole, is now a fact, the consequence of which is the recording of more and more frequent extremes weather phenomena, the greater exposure of people to them and, by extension, the occurrence of harmful effects on their health.

He added that the central slogan chosen by the World Meteorological Organization for this year's World Meteorological Day celebration "The future of weather, climate and water across generations" could not be more apt, as it focuses on the climate crisis , the Agency links the planet's evolving climate to future climate and water, as a source of life, and how these will be available to future generations.

Cyprus, inevitably, is strongly affected by the phenomenon of climate change and the increase in the frequency of extreme weather events, Mr. Xenophontos continued, adding that according to the analysis of the objective observations kept by the Department of Meteorology, we see climate change evolving, with a further increase in the average temperature both in the interior and on the coasts and in the mountains, but also in the general, relative reduction in the distribution of the average cumulative rain, while the above climatic features are observed and affect the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East regions as well, the which, according to the World Meteorological Organization, are among the most powerful climatic "hotspots" on the planet.

"The impact of the results of human activity on climate change is very well known and established, while the scenarios of climate evolution in the event that decisive interventions are not made are nightmarish. All states should review their economic development model, in order to reverse the course of our planet's crisis", emphasized the Minister, adding that the undertaking of global actions, such as the circular economy, recycling, energy production from renewable sources and the weaning of the energy production sector from fossil fuels are actions in the right direction.

Recognizing the necessity of planning a strategy that will include the above actions and achieve green development, the Government of Nikos Christodoulidis has included high in its goals the implementation of standard green policies, which will ensure the citizens' right to clean water and air, added Mr. Xenophontos. As the relevant Authority for the management of climate change and its consequences, he noted, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment adopts and develops actions to create conditions for an efficient, green and competitive Cyprus, with the central objective of upgrading the quality of life of citizens in terms of sustainability.

"Using all European tools and funds, our aim is to achieve the ambitious environmental goals set out in the European Green Deal and achieve a cleaner environment, helping to limit the effects of climate change," he underlined.

In closing, the Minister thanked the Director and the Officers of the Department of Meteorology for their contribution to the State's efforts to deal with the consequences of climate change and assured them that the Ministry will continue to be by their side and support them as much as possible.

Source: KYPE