AKEL MP Christakis Tziovanis submitted his resignation (THE LETTER)

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After the publication of the directed report with the journalists covered by the Al Jazeera network who aimed to damage the prestige of our country and the KEP for reasons of political correctness, I submit my resignation as an AKEL MP, Christakis Tziovanis states in a letter .
I also submit my resignation from a member of the AKEL Central Committee and from all the Party Bodies, giving my Party the opportunity to proceed with determination in the full investigation and clarification of the case. Looking into the eyes of all those who honored me with their vote and the world of the Left, I clearly state that all the information is at the disposal of the Authorities. It is a priority for me that the whole truth shines.
Axioms have never been an end in themselves for me. Staying in thugs has never been an obsession for me. The only guide of my course was always with hard work and humanity the offer to my fellow man. Let my resignation from the parliamentary office be the beginning for a full investigation and justice of all the cases that plague the country in all political spaces and all levels with the same political integrity and the same political will.


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Source: Sigmalive