Under three-day detention 20-year-old employee - She stole almost 3 thousand euros from a kiosk

Three-day detention order against 20-year-old woman

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The Paphos District Court issued a three-day detention order against a 20-year-old woman for a case of theft from an employee, forgery and circulation of a forged document in Paphos, to facilitate investigations.

According to the Press Representative of ADE Paphos and Head of TAE Paphos, Michalis Nikolaou, on November 7th a 35-year-old owner of a kiosk in Paphos complained that after an inspection he found a deficit in the receipts of the kiosk's fund, amounting to the sum of 2.800 euros.

In particular, he found falsification in the receipts statements both in the amounts and in the names. Suspicions were raised against the kiosk employee, aged 20, in the case. Subsequently, she was arrested with a court warrant and was detained for three days. He then reportedly confessed to the crime.

The exams are continued by TAE Paphos.

Source: KYPE