Father Evelthon: How much we miss the Priest of Love

His daughter Maria Papaevelthontos Kyprianou is moved, nine years after his sleep

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My father

Maria Papaevelthontos Kyprianou

The image of Father Evelthontas as a modern missionary was emphasized by many. But he never set out to become a missionary or to solve Africa's problem. This came from his loving heart and active and active character, which spread to all the places he worked: schools, church, KEPA, volunteer groups, etc. He had the following characteristic: whatever problem you mentioned, he took it upon himself. as a staff member and tried to find practical solutions. "He was not the man of words but of deeds."

So when he was asked to help with the mission, he saw it as a call, and since he was always open to God's will, he was left with confidence. He never had a crush on him for his role in the church. In his life, "Lord, hear that your servant is listening." Many times we advised him to take precautions, not to be devoted to the problems of others, not to be exposed. He never kept the role of diplomat. Especially when he felt that his fellow human beings were being wronged, he spoke bluntly, ignoring personal costs.

But his main characteristic was love, a love that reached the point of worship for the Divine Liturgy and the other worship services of our church. He loved, rejoiced, longed to work, to commemorate the presentation. Tireless, dignified. I remember the years before he left school, which was open in the mornings and then he went to school. They commented, and while he was sitting at the table, they interrupted him for confessions, trisagia, to reconcile couples who were in danger of divorce.

The pope's house wanted to be open to all. A love inn. How many and how many did not host… Patriarchs, Priests, monks, infamous, poor, afflicted. People of all ages, races and colors.

He was a great student in his life. It was a bee that collected the most spiritual thing to be found near it. Even until the end, he was 61 years old, he kept this spirit of apprenticeship. He loved monasteries and monks and floated like a deer in their gurgling waters. He asked to know, he relied on his daily struggle. With much humility he approached the mystery of confession as the last of men. Although his elder was younger, he did not allow himself to become acquainted with him. He was like a shy student in every meeting.

He never became acquainted with the priesthood. He characteristically said: "Woe to the pope who will become acquainted with the Holy Table, there will be nothing left to restrain him." He was a very beautiful minister. His movements are measured, serious, solemn. He lived every moment of worship. In addition to the Divine Liturgy, it constantly enriched the liturgical time of the parish with the other services. Frequent requests, dinners, vigils, greetings. He wanted his parishioners to have the experience of the rich worship life of our church. The memories of his parishioners abound. He connected us all so beautifully with each other. Even now that we do not have his noticeable presence, we have kept the link of love, communication and mutual aid.

He was the spiritual of freedom. He never liked imposition. Especially at the time of the sacred confession, he treated with full respect the freedom of his spiritual children. He didn't like the questions and interventions inside everyone's family. He never asked himself. If someone wanted to tell them something, they had to do it themselves. Even in the decisions of his children and then in their family affairs, he stood in the spirit of absolute freedom and respect.
In addition to its beautiful functional presence, the main feature of his personality was his independence. I lived with him for 35 years and what set him apart was his forgiveness. He did not hold a grudge and never had a trace of revenge on those who hurt him. He didn't have much of a communication talent, and perhaps what will surprise many is how shy he was in his relationships. I don't know if it was a natural cowardice or if it came from the constant trials and tribulations he had faced and made him close to himself. It may have seemed distant to some. For us who lived it, he was a great man with a small child's heart. He was so ambitious that if you offered him or asked him for something, he would feel obliged to repay you tenfold, and this was true for everyone, even for those who had hurt him.

He did not ask anyone to speak, he did not turn to vain thoughts about how and why temptations and sorrows. He only kept the advice of his spiritual father, "in times of temptation do not seek him," and rested. He treated them with pain but also as a means of purification. He said: "What we teach others we must first observe. That's what we need, that's what God allows us to do. " But that was his greatness. He has never been the man of misery. Always smiling, never complaining. Even in times of great temptation, he had the courage to say, "God has blessed me with both his hands." He waited for the time of his departure with study and impatience. Christopher was waiting for him.

How much you hurt me in the ceremonial months every time you said, "I'm ready to leave now." We were visiting the tomb of our Christopher and you showed me on the right side of his tomb, "here to bury me" and I joked to you, "no pope, on the other hand, to have more space to stand." And you answered me seriously, "no, to the right of Christoforos and the plate should be at the level of the earth, so…" and you bent down to show me, "who wants dead and able to pass over me and step on me". Even on Thursday, the day before you left for your trip to Greece, you said once again that you wanted to be buried. You prepared everything. You were reading the psalm and you were worried about even reading the funeral procession.

Lately, grief and temptation have been rampant. You no longer had a will. You were happy with everything, rested with everything, you weren't looking for anything. There were no expectations or desires. You were ready for everything, happy with everything. Ready to leave. No pending issues…

My dear father, not a moment has passed without your memory hurting and warming my heart. Such beautiful people are not often born in this world. Sometimes people's coexistence causes damage to their image. To me that never happened.

You are the most important, the most beautiful person in my life and as I told you in our private conversations, which I recall and I wish with a lot of pain, I am happy because you were first a model of a good priest and then a good father. And this helped me to protect the image of the priest and the church inside me when in difficult times it was shaken. Thank you for what I experienced near you. Your beautiful example accompanies us. Let's have your wish.