Constantinos Ioannou's contacts in European countries for immigrants from Syria

Bilateral contacts, in European countries, the Minister of the Interior begins tomorrow,

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Bilateral contacts in European countries will begin tomorrow with the aim of re-evaluating the status of Syria and the possibility of rejecting specific categories of asylum applications from Syrian immigrants.

Konstantinos Ioannou will visit Denmark tomorrow, where he will meet with the country's Minister of Immigration and Integration, the day after tomorrow the Czech Republic, where he will meet with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, and, on April 12, Greece, for a meeting with the Minister of Immigration and Asylum.

The aim of the Cypriot initiative, as stated in a statement by the Ministry of the Interior, is to re-evaluate the status of areas of Syria and to declassify specific areas as warring, based on current realities.

Practical ways will be considered to start the substantive examination of the asylum applications of Syrian nationals, to establish strict criteria for examining their applications and not to receive, almost automatically, subsidiary protection status in any country.

Source: RIK Radio