PtD to be precise: "Easy for the opposition to announce measures"

"We have already taken concrete measures"

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The President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis, made statements to journalists today, attending the PWC Conference, in Limassol.

Asked to comment on the criticism of the increases in the prices of goods and interest rates, the President of the Republic said that he is following the statements made, adding that "the first thing I would like to say is that we are particularly sensitive, first and foremost I personally have particular sensitivity for this specific issue, at the same time I also have the responsibility, and as a Government we have the responsibility of the correct management of the economic data of our country. When you are either in the opposition or you are not in a position where you have to manage such data every day, you can very easily announce measures.

We have, already, taken concrete measures, and we evaluate the data as they are formed daily, and I do not rule out any announcements if and as long as we find that on the one hand, yes, there is a need and I see it (that it exists), but at the same time (we have ) the fiscal data of our country and we have a responsibility to see how things develop after three months and after six months.

More generally, I mention as a Government, I have mentioned it many times before the election, I am not a devotee of horizontal measures, but a devotee of more targeted measures for those of our compatriots who face (problems) because we must admit that there are some who face more problems. We are particularly sensitive to the issue, we monitor and evaluate it daily.

Even next week when I will be in New York, it is one of the issues that will concern me, I will be in constant contact with Cyprus, I will also have important contacts there in relation to the economic data of our country and yes no I rule out announcements being made."

In a journalist's remark that the subsidy for electricity was stopped in the summer while fuel prices continue to rise, the President of the Republic said that "we have seen in the very recent past in this country, the mismanagement of finances that led us, and I don't think anyone, not even the parties, nobody, and much more the Cypriot people, because I am accountable to the Cypriot people, to the Cypriot society, do not want us to return to this kind of conditions that led us to wrong economic policies.

My own sensitivity is much greater, I am in a position of responsibility and fully aware, I am in daily contact with society. At the same time, I have a huge responsibility for the fiscal data of our country and to see the developments that are coming. For the first time, in a few days, the Government will submit the first budget to the Parliament, it is a budget that takes these data into account, a surplus budget that has the human being at the center of the policies proposed through the budget. And you'll see it and we'll be here to talk about it."

When asked if there is anything new regarding his meeting with the UN Secretary General and the Turkish Cypriot leader in New York, the President said that so far there is nothing, adding that "we are in contact with the UN Secretariat, with the EU, it is not customary to have such meetings in New York with European leaders but I have arranged a meeting with both Mr. Michel and Ms. von der Leyen to see how through their contacts with the Secretary General they can help us."

Asked to comment on Mr. Tatar's statements about changing the basis of the solution, the President of the Republic said that "all this is out of the question, the change of the basis of the solution of the Cypriot issue, and this is not only the position of our side but also of the international community" .