Magnificent concert with the band "Smyrna" in Avgorou

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The Community Council of Avgorou in collaboration with the Creative Theater Group join forces in an evening dedicated to the selfless offer on Friday, October 2, 2015 at the 8st Elementary School of Avgorou at 00:XNUMX pm.

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Free entrance

The event will conclude with a concert by the band Smyrna that will take us on a journey through the streets of traditional music from West to East with lovely melodies.

A few words about the Smyrna Orchestra

The "Smyrna" orchestra was established in 2010, after the idea of ​​creating an orchestra of Greek traditional music. It consists of six young girls - musicians, Meropi Vlachogianni (accordion, song), Kali Kambouri (cannon, song), Eleftheria Kourlia (guitar, song), Penny Papakonstantinou (political lute, percussion, song), Stavroula Spa (santouri, song) and Chrysanthi Tzovani (percussion, song). Having devoted time to research, the group travels to Greek music, making stops in various areas, highlighting a variety of sound colors, in creations of oral tradition, and works by Smyrna composers.

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