26-year-old wanted to sell a fryer, but accidentally uploaded a nude photo of herself in the ad

The internet is making an ad that managed to go viral in a very short time with a 26-year-old uploading a nude photo instead of the product.

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The internet is making an ad that managed to go viral in a very short time with one 26year to upload instead of the product… nude photo.

A British woman claims that "We were shaking with panic" when she accidentally included a nude selfie in her ad for an air fryer on eBay. This was followed by the bombardment of messages, where she was asked, among other things, if her "melons" were included in the sale.
26-year-old Emma Jones was confused when she allegedly received hundreds of requests for new friends on social media at the end of last month after posting on eBay.

But soon the horror came when he realized that the Fifth image he uploaded was a topless photo in which she stands in front of a large mirror.

"It was a photo of a diet I started," Jones told Kennedy News. "I took it the day before I uploaded the photos. I used my mobile phone to upload the ad, so I can only assume that I pressed it by mistake while selecting photos. "This post went viral. She soon realized that the nude selfie quickly gathered 117.000 views. "I was not happy or I was not thinking about money. I just panicked", She says.


There were dozens of harsh messages she received about her selfie. "Everything is included in the photos in πώληση; » someone fooled. "Does it go with the melons?" Another wondered.


via: Enimerotiko