"I will also fine them": 62-year-old explains why he will not get the vaccine

All adults over the age of 60 are required to get the coronavirus vaccine or they will be fined 100 euros.

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All adults over the age of 60 are required to do so vaccine against coronavirus otherwise it will be imposed on them a fine of 100 euros.

Reporters have taken to the streets to ask the "victims" how they saw the new measure.

For the past two days, many opinions have been heard, with some of them giving laugh. One of them is that of Mr. Costas.

O 62year explains to OPEN camera why he does not want to get the vaccine. Mr. Costas is 62 years old and as he confesses, he is afraid to get the vaccine. He admits he has one heart disease and is a bit dangerous. She is afraid that someone might get hurt allergy due to the ingredients contained in the formulation.

When the presenter asked him about it 100 stars of the fine he initially replied that he would send it back to them. He considers that he has not burdened the state at all for so many years and that is why she should not burden him either. He then states that he will cut the fine to the state.

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via: Enimerotiko