The astrological predictions of Monday, March 13, 2023

The Moon makes its appearance in Sagittarius, the way of thinking will be philosophical, the characteristics will be optimism, vitality. There will be no lack of communication openings, there will be a need for contacts, discussions, social activities, emphasis will be placed on socializing. It will be difficult to deal with routine situations, there will be a desire for renewal, for new adventures, for excursions and for travel.



Krie, today intensifies your need to communicate with people close to you who are full of fun and new ideas. Your good mood creates the conditions for unique conversations where you will relax and have a good time.

Professional - financial 

The tension during the day in the professional environment can lead you to try to impose your own views. It is the point where there will be intense confrontations with your superiors that can create rivalries. It is good to avoid them.

Excessive stress and tension during the day can affect your relationship. Use the night to let your partner understand how much you care. If you are single / the new acquaintance can occur in your life through the friendly environment, what will impress you is the unique communication between you.


Taurus, today the inner search intensifies in terms of your emotional needs and whether what you are experiencing fills you with security and stability. At the same time, the day gives you an impetus to participate in friendly groups, escaping from any worries.

Professional - financial

Obstacles that may arise in your finances may disappoint you, take advantage of this situation to review your priorities. Tension in the workplace leads to conflict situations that change your behavior and data.

You think intensely if the partner you have next to you can meet what you want from a relationship as the fears become stronger than ever. If you are single, the person from the past may return, be careful because the need to trust is likely to lead to illusions.


Gemini, the day gives you the opportunity to really discover what it is that you can develop in your subsequent course. At the same time, the afternoon increases the self-confidence and the need to achieve the best in terms of your public image.

Professional - financial

Increased obligations and responsibilities can create stress, but you are given the opportunity to really show what you are worth and what your abilities are. Beware of conflicts that will create problems in relationships with your superiors as this will not work favorably to achieve your goals.

You focus on your needs and this can bother the person next to you, do not rush to draw conclusions that may be unfair to him. If you are unattached / the person from the past can come back, do not get trapped egocentrically in what you want as you are more likely to lose the substance.


Cancer, the day reinforces the need to isolate yourself from your wider environment as memories and wounds that may afflict your psychology come to mind. Engaging in art and introspection will alleviate pain.

Professional - financial

Tensions with your co-workers do not say to stop as it is possible that financial issues will arise that concern you. With a good mood on both sides you will be able to balance which disagreements by seeing the positive side of things. Only then will you get great results.

Tension can prevail during the day with your partner as you feel that he is trying to oppress you and impose his personal views on your relationship. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person who will pique your interest and will function transformatively in your personal life.


Leo, shake up issues with friendly people who may have been bothering you in the past. At the same time, the afternoon strengthens your intuition, but at the same time strengthens your fears that manifest suddenly in the environment in which you move.

Professional - financial

Your senses uniquely guide you to financial transactions and business moves as you quickly realize what the right steps must be to achieve your goals. The tension with your partners will bring upheavals in plans that will not leave unaffected your common professional course.

Be careful as the desire to feel the absolute passion with your partner can lead you to authoritarian behaviors that will create tensions. If you are single, it is possible for a person from the friendly environment to show feelings for you by returning to his previous proposals.


Virgo, you are going through a period where what mainly concerns you is your personal development and your public image. It is possible to seek out contacts with people who can help you to be closer to social prestige.

Professional - financial

You think about your professional obligations as it is necessary for you to meet what you have undertaken to the maximum extent. Discussions in the professional environment can develop positively as your plans find a response and you can convince your superiors of your potential.

You focus on details in your relationship and this can be very tedious for your partner. Moaning will not help to overcome possible issues that bother you. If you are single, new people come to the fore who will create unprecedented feelings and fill you with optimism.


Libra, the day intensifies the optimism and the need for fun and flirting. But this can lead to negligence in your obligations, something that will lead to mistakes and you will be exposed. Make sure you stay focused where you need to be in order to enjoy your free time. 

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to legal issues that may concern you or to contacts with foreigners who may have new proposals for you. Realistically evaluate those who may know you and seize the opportunity for new beginnings and paths in your life.

Communicating with your partner is unique and gives you the opportunity to have important discussions about your common path. If you are single, it is possible for a new acquaintance to come into your life that will play a decisive role as there are conditions for it to be long lasting.


Scorpio, the day strengthens suspicion and insecurities as you enter a period when you will not express yourself and you prefer to observe others and their movements. Doubts can lead to conflicts by energizing the relationships that are important to you. 

Professional - financial

You can immediately realize that you need to move on to commercial issues to get the best possible result. Do not miss the opportunity as the agreements you will reach will be very optimistic. Your instinct can guide you perfectly so you will do well to listen to it.

You should not be left to your insecurities and fears that can play a negative role in the development of your personal life. If you are not engaged, communication with a person who causes a strong heartbeat creates the conditions for a new beginning that will play a key role for you.


Sagittarius, you can see a strong mood of diplomacy and understanding towards everyone. The need for communication is pervasive as through it you can see if you are appreciated and valued by those around you. This is a chapter that is extremely important to you.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to create the right ground for successful collaborations as you quickly realize what it is that covers the people who want to get involved in your professional life. This helps you to provide the necessary solutions and to overcome possible obstacles without bloodshed.

You can discuss that you are concerned with the person next to you, be sure that you will have the best possible result that will give a refreshing tone to the relationship. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance that will star in your life, as you impress with the way he flirts and your communication skills.


Capricorn, you focus on finding solutions in everyday life as it is important for you to settle possible obligations that you have and can play an aggravating role in your psychology. A quick perception of things will help you move in the best possible way.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity during the day to take the necessary steps to succeed in your collaborations, but you will not hesitate to try to impose your point of view by pushing those around you for the result you want. Later, you find your optimism and you can calm down by enjoying what you have achieved.

Make sure you experience unique moments of passion and sensuality with your partner and leave aside possible details that bother you in the relationship. If you are single, the insecurities are intense and do not allow you to be left to a new person who can offer a lot and cover what scares you. 


Aquarius, the day dramatically increases the mood for creation and fun. The childhood that you manifest makes the fun of the persons you are interested in, but take care to limit the need for self-promotion that will lead to exaggerations.

Professional - financial

Predispositions of the past make their appearance and can work depressingly on your psychology. Do not lose your fun as sooner or later you will find the necessary solutions that will be the appropriate ones to close specific cases. This will help you catch your breath.

Conversations with your partner can be constructive as you are willing to give assurances of security and stability. If you are single, new people can come into your life to help you mature and have a good time with them.


Pisces, the day focuses your thoughts and concerns on the family environment and whether they perceive your real needs. At the same time, the afternoon takes off the energy and dynamism and creating conditions for important initiatives at all levels.

Professional - financial

The determination that distinguishes you will play an important role in moves and initiatives that will affect your collaborations. Be careful to avoid the aggression and impulsivity that can expose you as you are in a hurry and do not function logically, thus missing important opportunities.

Your sensitivities are typical, but selfishness can create disharmony and problems in your relationship with your partner. If you are single, the mood swings are intense and it is not easy to escape from memories of the past that grieve your mind.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from