The astrological predictions of Monday 16 May 2022

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings events that will trigger radical changes, redefine relationships, differentiate decisions and aspirations. It will be possible to put an end to toxic relationships and in general situations that bring obstacles to development. The characteristics will be suspicion, secrecy, questioning, closed characters will choose to keep some relationships or situations hidden.



Krie, the day raises your mood vertically. It is a fact that you will get closer to people from your close and friendly environment, seeking to have fun and spend beautiful moments with them.

Professional - financial 

You work as a team and this helps you in whatever goals you have. The people next to you trust you and feel that they can offer to achieve your common ambitions. The discussions evolve very favorably and create an ideal atmosphere in the professional environment.

You express your feelings directly and that is enough to feel closer than ever with the person who stars in your life. If you are single, the new person comes to play an important role on a personal level and to emphasize the need for communication.


Taurus, the day leaves no room to see objectively what your real needs are at all levels. Emotions and sensitivities blur the thought and can create misunderstandings with the people you meet.

Professional - financial

You should be careful in the professional field as within your team the people you work with may not be clear. It is important to avoid the illusions that will lead you to trust people who do not deserve it.

You will do well to enjoy the passion and leave for another moment important issues with your partner as the idealizations do not leave room for an objective approach to things. If you are single / new acquaintance may arise that will take you off emotionally, but it is doubtful whether she will be honest with you.


Gemini, the day does not allow you to be realistic. Be careful as egocentrism can go beyond the limits and lead to wrong conclusions. These will strongly affect your interpersonal relationships.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you want to take at a professional level can be wrong as you are overly optimistic about your career path. It is better to let the day go by so that you can later think clearly about what you really want to do.

You do not really know what you need from your relationship and this can confuse your partner. Avoid tensions and important discussions. If you are single / the new acquaintance can arise through the professional environment, it can promise you a lot but you will do well to keep a small basket.


Cancer, the day invites you to look at issues of the past. It is a fact that the time has come to overcome the fears and worries that you may have. This will only happen if you recognize the psychic potential that lies within you.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to settle pending issues that may concern you. Their influence is also strong financially, but there is a willingness to negotiate with the people you deal with. This will help you to overcome any worries in the best possible way.

Romance harmonizes with lust and you can create a unique setting for two that will take off your relationship and make your emotions more intense than ever. If you are single, the new acquaintance comes creating new feelings and the need to become one with her.


Leo, the day lifts your psychology and fun to new heights. Suggestions from the friendly environment can lead to unique moments of fun and possible new acquaintances that will star in your life at all levels.

Professional - financial

Do not miss the opportunity given to you for excellent communication and expression of what you want on a professional level. This will work beneficially in your collaborations as you will find that the people you work with are willing to understand and support you.

Communication and sympathy dominate your relationship. It is a fact that you can understand what your partner is asking of you, just as easily the opposite happens. If you are single, the new acquaintance can play a decisive role in your life as it seems to attract your attention with its original thoughts and perceptions.


Virgo, the day helps you easily settle issues on a daily basis. You put stress aside and find original and realistic ideas that can help you close issues that irritate you. 

Professional - financial

Determination, dynamism and quick perception of things help to close definitive issues that concern your professional life. Your co-workers and superiors recognize your abilities and create a framework of confidence in your face.

Take the opportunity to discuss details that may concern your relationship and give definitive solutions with your partner. If you are single / new acquaintance through the work environment can attract your attention with its ingenuity and seriousness.


Libra, the day launches your dynamism and determination to the heights. It is a fact that you will star in any company you find as you shine with charm and magnetize with your communication temperament.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to have the dominant role in your business as you will not hesitate to take initiatives to get closer to your goals. This will impress many and especially people from abroad who may have important suggestions for you.

You are given the opportunity to have a unique time with your partner, make sure you enjoy every moment of passion that will renew your relationship. If you are single, the new person comes into your life to create the best possible atmosphere for you to enjoy your time with.


Scorpio, the day helps you get closer to your family than ever. You have the opportunity to solve issues and repulsions that may have plagued you for a long time, overcoming difficulties that may have troubled your relationship. 

Professional - financial

It is important to overcome financial issues in relation to others and this can be helped by people from the family environment. You will find the support you are looking for and that will be enough to make dynamic decisions that will get you out of possible deadlocks.

Romance and tenderness dominate your personal life and harmonize with passion. Incredible moments can work beneficially in the relationship. If you are unattached, through the familiar friendly environment, people can emerge who will give you the feeling of stability that is important to you.


Sagittarius, the day helps you to communicate more easily. You are the central person in the companies as you operate realistically and dynamically impressing everyone. Fun plays a major role during the day.

Professional - financial

Commercial issues may concern you during the day, but you have the ability to overcome any difficulties. It is not excluded that there may be very advantageous proposals for collaborations that you should evaluate positively as they have a lot to give you.

You can express everything you think of your partner since it is certain that you will find the understanding and tenderness you seek. If you are unattached, a new person may emerge from the immediate environment who will pique your interest with his scherzo and personality.


Capricorn, the day helps you feel confident. You focus on everyday issues that you want to close as they irritate you. You have the opportunity to settle any outstanding issues that concern you.

Professional - financial

You can settle accounts and financial outstanding issues in the best possible way. You have a quick perception and your instinct helps you to be directed to the ideal solution for you. Take advantage of whatever circumstances arise as they will be particularly positive.

You can discuss issues that upset your daily life with the person next to you and find solutions that satisfy you and work beneficially in the relationship. If you are unattached through the work environment a new acquaintance can emerge that will give you the feeling of security and stability you want.


Aquarius, the day takes off your psychology. You are given the opportunity to go uniquely in whatever environment you find yourself and to express directly the thoughts and opinions you have. You will impress and play a leading role with your determination.

Professional - financial

Your mental strength and determination arouse the interest of people who want to work with you. It is a fact that you will take initiatives to proceed with professional projects. This will greatly satisfy the people who work with you.

You have the opportunity to spend unique moments of passion with your partner that will work extremely refreshingly in the relationship and will strengthen the strong emotions. If you are unattached, sensuality will star in a new acquaintance that can work beneficially in your psychology.


Pisces, the day leaves no room for a realistic view of family relationships. Beware of discussions and decisions that can later play a negative role in things as you do not have an objective criterion and you are deluding yourself.

Professional - financial

You want to take initiatives in terms of your business but today it is not appropriate. The intense emotion that possesses you will lead to wrong moves. Be careful to show restraint and not make promises that are not easy to keep to your partners as it will cost later.

Spend the day showing your strong feelings to your partner and stay away from discussions and decisions that will not have the development you expect. If you are single, you have the leading role wherever you are and many can show their feelings for you, it is important to be wary of big words.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from