The astrological predictions of Monday 22 November 2022

The Sun enters Sagittarius and will remain in this position until December 22, the characteristics will be capacity, confidence, need for action, escape, excursions and adventures. There will be difficulty in the matter of commitment, the independent characters will want to move freely and voluntarily, there will be reactions in cases where the conditions are suffocating or restrictive.



Krie, the day gives you the opportunity with expressions to people in the family environment all that has been bothering you in the past. At night, strengthen your movements with dynamism and confidence.

Professional - Financial 

Take advantage of the opportunities given to you in terms of professional moves and collaborations as you have the will to move, surprising everyone. Do not let your nerves and aggressive mood get in the way of any developments.

Romance dominates your personal life as you want to enjoy moments of relaxation and tenderness with the person you have by your side. If you are single, it is possible that there will be new acquaintances that will create the feeling of the dreamy and the ideal for you.


Taurus, you are called to manage memories and situations of the past that lead you to introversion and melancholy. Put frustration aside and try to see what you need to keep from past situations.

Professional - Financial

It is necessary to be careful of mistakes that can be made due to carelessness or lack of self-concentration. You can plan your next steps with method and patience as the next days will be ideal for you to take the initiatives you want at a professional level.

The initiatives you can take in your relationship will help you to express all that you feel, let your partner understand what is what really satisfies you. If you are single, sociability increases and you are given the opportunity to impress and charm new people who want to enter your life.


Gemini, the day gives you the opportunity to close cases that may concern friendly relations. Control and manipulation games can lead to conflicts and distancing from people who have played an important role in the friendly environment.

Professional - Financial

The need to impose your desires can lead to a crisis in business relationships that are important to you. Responsibilities may be psychologically damaging and raise issues of suspicion due to behaviors that do not suit you and the way you think.

Avoid having discussions with your partner about common goals that you have as trying to impose on both of them can lead to tension. If you are unattached, the people in the friendly environment bring to mind situations of the past due to their behavior that may disappoint you.


Cancer, the day gives you the opportunity to express needs and desires that you have with greater ease. You are called to manage the increased obligations you have in your professional life with composure and prudence.

Professional - Financial

Increased career obligations can be stressful, but you have the opportunity to see things from their optimistic point of view and take the necessary initiatives to close cases that concern you. Make sure you move with maturity and composure, giving your best

The day is ideal for fun as romance and optimism play a leading role in the relationship and give you wings. If you are single, many can be the ones who will show interest in you as you impress with your understanding and fun.


Leo, the day helps you to put your thoughts in order in relation to situations of the past that have plagued you in the past. In the afternoon, it lifts your mood and creating the conditions for moments of fun with your friends.

Professional - Financial

It is a fact that the day is not ideal for you to concentrate on professional issues that may concern you. But make sure you do it so that there are no mistakes that will expose you. Communication and advertising issues come to the fore, evaluate what opportunities and suggestions can give you what you want.

Do not miss the opportunity to have a good time with your partner, an escape in the countryside will be ideal to experience your love uniquely. If you are single, it is possible that there are new people in the wider environment who will show their interest in you, enjoy every moment with them that fills you with confidence.


Virgo, the day gives you the opportunity to express what you feel in the friendly environment, overcoming possible misunderstandings of the previous period. The evening invites you to focus on financial issues that you need to manage.

Professional - Financial

Your instinct to star in financial matters in relation to third parties and business activities that interest you. It is important to trust him as you easily understand what the appropriate moves should be in order to give the result you want and to ensure the benefits you want.

Do not let doubts energize your relationship, transform the tension into passion to enjoy every moment of sensuality with your partner. If you are single, the new person will come into your life who will shake the stagnant water on a personal level and will stir up unique emotions.


Libra, the day gives you the opportunity to correct professional plans that may have troubled you in the past. You strongly express the need for companionship by coming in contact with people around you.

Professional - Financial

Your partners seem to understand what you want from them and you are in the mood to keep the necessary balance to avoid possible tensions and conflicts. Slowly you can see business plans being implemented, as long as you have patience.

The need to get close to your partner is the protagonist as it is what helps you feel safe and stable in your life. If you are single you have the central role in the game of flirting and many may be the ones who will show their interest in you because of your charm and extroversion.


Scorpio, the day gives you the opportunity to get closer to people in your wider environment who may have troubled you in the past. The afternoon increases the daily demands and rhythms in your life.

Professional - Financial

The quick perception you have will help you find the necessary solutions to close cases in the workplace. Do not be critical and obsessive with your colleagues as this will cost your cooperation and relationships.

Whining will not help you have a good time with your partner leaving behind what may have troubled you during the day, put romance in everyday life and you will not lose. If you are unattached, leave everyday life aside and make sure you have a good time with people from your wider environment who show intense interest.


Sagittarius, the day helps you clear within yourself what is creating insecurity and suspicion. The night works beneficially as it helps you find the dynamism and confidence you have as a personality.

Professional - Financial

Use the day to settle financial issues, always trusting your intuition. If you feel that you are not sure about your moves, avoid committing yourself and making decisions that you may later regret, but it will be difficult to review.

Evolution and lust play a dominant role in your relationships as they create a unique setting for two that takes the relationship to the next level. If you are unattached, it will be difficult for you to go unnoticed as you shine and magnetize with your presence the eyes of those around you. 


Capricorn, the day slowly gives you the opportunity to express to your partner what you want from your relationship with greater ease. The afternoon helps you to enjoy the warmth and tenderness of the family environment.

Professional - Financial

You have the opportunity to communicate what you think and have been troubled in the past by your partners. It is the best possible movement that will bring balance and harmony in your professional life and will help you to breathe.

You can spend unique moments with your partner as long as he puts aside the mood swings that can create ups and downs in your relationship. If you are unattached, there may be a new person who will star in your life in the next period of time as he creates dreamy conditions in love.


Aquarius, the day helps you find rhythms in everyday life without obstacles and delays. The afternoon pushes you to get closer to people close to you and enjoy moments of relaxation and conversations with them.

Professional - Financial

Proceed to commercial transactions that interest you as you quickly realize how you need to move in order to achieve the best possible result for you. Your arguments impress and create a positive atmosphere in possible collaborations that interest you.

A walk with people close to you will help you and your partner to enjoy relaxing moments and get closer by talking. If you are single, seize the opportunity for new acquaintances through social events and parties that you can be invited as you will star with your communication skills.


Pisces, you have the ability to sort out financial issues that may be of great concern to you. This will help you find your confidence and put aside insecurities and fears that may be bothering you.

Professional - Financial

Financial claims can trouble you on a professional level as you feel that the time has come to claim what you deserve. Try to stay away from the stubbornness and intransigence that will not work favorably and will create tensions with people from the professional environment.

Doubts can trouble your relationship if you do not manage to believe in yourself and take the time to have a good time with your partner. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance that will give you a strong feeling that he came to stay and give stability to your personal life.

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