The astrological predictions of Monday, March 27, 2023

The Moon is in Gemini, the characteristics will be optimism, vitality, curiosity, need for variety and adventure. Emphasis will be placed on social contacts, socializing will make conditions favorable for networking. In matters of a professional nature, beware of risks, impatience should be limited, actions should be thoughtful and not impulsive.



Krie, everyday life can create intense conflict situations with the people you meet as disagreements that come to the fore can lead to conflicts. Make sure you balance diversity to avoid possible outbursts and distress.

Professional - financial 

You may encounter a strange situation at work that may worry you. Background comes to the surface and raises the volume vertically. Try to manage calmly that it comes to light and concerns you directly as it will not be difficult to get involved in conflict situations that will be intense.

It is not easy to harmonize your needs and issues of the past can negatively affect the course of your relationship. If you are unmarried, everyday life and hard work do not leave room for intense flirting and it is possible to choose to rest and balance psychologically.


Taurus, joy and the need for fun dominate most of the day, from the afternoon you turn your attention to daily issues that may concern you. The maturity you show can provide solutions that will relieve you and allow you to get rid of stress.

Professional - financial

Your dynamism and determination shine in your professional life and leave no room for doubt as to your face. In the afternoon you can find the best possible solutions to obligations and hugs that you have undertaken, impressing everyone with your quick perception and hard work.

It is the right condition to solve details of everyday life that may bother you in the relationship and to make final decisions with your partner that will satisfy you. If you are single, it is possible to make a new acquaintance through the work environment that comes to stay in your life.


Gemini, use most of the day to solve family issues that may concern you as luck is on your side. From the afternoon on you can enjoy the fun and joy.

Professional - financial

The determination you can show in your professional life will not go unnoticed as you have the opportunity to make moves that will play an important role in obligations that you may have undertaken. Take advantage of potential opportunities that are given to you as they will work extremely favorably for you.

The stability that exists in your relationship creates more intense feelings than ever and intensifies the feeling of security both in you and in your partner. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person who will show interest in you as you impress with your maturity and generosity.


Cancer, you have the opportunity to socialize or talk to people close to you, but it is a fact that controversy can be intense and fanaticism prevails in defending opinions. The desired balance will exist only if you show a good mood to get out of difficult situations.

Professional - financial

You have the ability to move with dynamism and the trade deals and transactions you are involved in, but you need to be prepared for the aggressive moods of others who may see you as competitive or have a lack of confidence in your face. Restrain your irritability and think smart, this will help you save time.

Swinging between intense emotion and the need for fun and superficial treatment of things that can create an explosive atmosphere in your relationship. If you are single, it is possible to have a new acquaintance that strongly reminds you of past situations and can disappoint you.


Leo, your emotional insecurities come to the surface with momentum as you feel suspicious of the people you meet and this is immediately manifested in your behavior. Take care to reduce possible irritation that will upset you and create problems in your relationship.

Professional - financial

Financial issues are of great concern to you and you will not hesitate to clash with people you probably think are trying to speculate against you. Think smart and do not allow tension to dominate as it will not help you to have clear thinking and it will make your position worse.

Show a willingness to let go of the passion and intense energy that develops with you and your partner, leaving aside any doubts that may negatively affect your relationship. If you are single, fears and lack of self-confidence do not allow you to give your best in the romantic game.


Virgo, you want to come to the fore with dynamism to really show the confidence and determination you have. But it is a fact that people around you are likely to oppose you and this will put you in a conflict process that will exhaust you. 

Professional - financial

The rivalries and competitive moods of your co-workers will bother you intensely and can lead to fierce conflicts if you do not manage to keep your cool. Keep tones low as only with this management you will be able to save important collaborations for you.

Do not focus selfishly on your wants as this will greatly annoy your partner and will create fierce quarrels between you. If you are single, people may show up and get your attention, but you do not really know what you are asking for and this can be seen in your behavior.


Libra, the need to be isolated from everyone determines you and can create difficulty in acting on a daily basis and tensions with people in your life. Emotional outbursts and exaggerations due to irritability will create a negative atmosphere that it is good to avoid to stay calm.

Professional - financial

It is not easy to manage issues at work as the mind is blurred and the thinking is not clear. Make sure you are grounded and balanced as this will help you raise your psychology and be active in your obligations in the best possible way avoiding mistakes.

Your sensibilities dominate and do not allow you to see the positive side of your relationship for this and most likely to get hooked on the past and the wounds you still carry. If you are unattached / the person from the past can make his appearance but he creates doubts with his attitude and this takes you away.


Scorpio, your friendships can be very troubling, but you should also be careful in your behavior as it is possible to become aggressive by disagreeing with opinions or ideas. Give others the opportunity to express what they believe without controversy that is futile.

Professional - financial

Suspicion can prevail in relation to goals and ambitions you have in your professional life as some may disagree with your choices and perceive it as an attack. But keep in mind that your mood may not be what is needed in this case and try to keep your irritability to avoid quarrels.

The need to get out of the relationship can upset your partner and create intense irritation and resentment between you. If you are unattached through the friendly environment, it is not excluded that there may be a person who will distract your attention, but the tension that develops between you does not leave room for a positive continuation.


Sagittarius, your public image is important to you these days and you will not hesitate to do what is possible to improve it as you think. But be careful as your choices can embarrass familiar faces and this can lead to fierce conflicts that will shake you for good.

Professional - financial

The odds that develop in the professional environment do not leave you indifferent as it is important to be able to impose yourself. However, underground blows that you may receive will take you out of your waters and will create conflict situations that you are called to manage calmly and in low tones so as not to lose control.

The absolute attitude towards your partner can create significant problems that it is good to manage with calmness and empathy. If you are single / the new acquaintance can arise through the professional environment but it does not cover you in companionship and this can hurt you.


Capricorn, confrontations with people from the wider relative and friendly environment can trouble you as it will not be difficult to have nervousness between you that will negatively affect the relationship. Make sure you enjoy the moments and leave the tension aside that has nothing to offer you.

Professional - financial

Everyday life dominates and does not allow you to let go and see with optimism his future goals. Do not get caught up in disputes and try to keep in the nervousness that the many obligations create and the delays that may arise gaps prevent you from completing your priorities.


Aquarius, the insecurities and irritability that prevail leave no room for you to see clearly how you should express the fears and worries you may have around you. Intransigence at the same time leads you to an immobile posture that creates additional problems. You will do well to add water to your wine.

Professional - financial

Financial transactions in relation to third parties will occupy you intensely as it is not excluded that you will face obstacles or immobile attitude from the persons you trade with. Take advantage of this situation to intuitively see how you will move and not to argue violently creating additional problems.

Do not leave in fears and worries that can lead your relationship to extremes, use the moments to spend uniquely with your partner because it will calm you down. If you are single, introversion and doubts do not allow you to give a chance to a new person who can show interest in you.


Pisces, the day for the most part is enjoyable and highly communicative as you are given the opportunity to star in whatever environment you find yourself in with your optimism and positive mood. From the afternoon onwards there are likely to be worries, but you find the strength to overcome them.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations can have a positive development as you have the optimism and determination needed to make the right moves that will yield the maximum. Diplomacy will play an important role in maintaining the required balance and avoiding tensions.

Passion and sensuality do not lead to losing your sanity and you can see objectively what your partner offers you, thus taking care to avoid problems and frictions. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance from work that will cause unprecedented feelings and will help you solve issues from the past that bother you.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from