The astrological predictions of Friday, January 20, 2023

The Sun makes its appearance in Aquarius and will remain in this position until February 19, the characteristics will be optimism, vitality, the need for social contacts and for collective action. There will be no shortage of actions of social contribution and solidarity, help and support will be given to people who need support.



Krie, you are extroverted and this becomes very evident as you seek to meet your friends by noon. From noon onwards your mood changes as it is time to isolate yourself and meditate. It is important for you to face what hurts you from the past.

Professional - financial

Predispositions that may exist come to the surface and possibly trouble you. The fact is that in the afternoon your mind is not at work and it is not easy to concentrate. This can have consequences as you seem to be prone to mistakes. Be careful to avoid anything that might expose you.


You will not hesitate to express to your partner what you really feel and have been worrying about for a long time, negatively affecting your relationship. Tenderness and understanding provide solutions. The unattached can be pleasantly surprised by people from the past who come to emphasize their presence again.


Taurus, you leave behind in the afternoon the occupation with your business and you focus on the friendly environment that gives you joy. It is important to be able to draw strength through your friends to communicate directly and dynamically thoughts and ideas that can bring you closer.

Professional - financial

The intensity of the last days is left behind and you are given the opportunity to see what you have gained from all the effort you have made. Innovative ideas can play an important role and mobilize others from the work environment that you seem to influence in the way you think. Your smart suggestions can be adopted and constitute the ambition in the professional environment. 

The common goals with your partner are the ones that create the conditions for you to work as a team, something that satisfies both of you. Excellent communication helps to achieve them even more. The unattached can not be surprised by friendly people expressing what they feel for you.


Gemini, social obligations are increasing and this is something that can upset you that you are called to manage it calmly. You have the opportunity to shine by expressing with method and responsibility what you think in the environment you will be in. It is certain that you will stand out.

Professional - financial

It is time to settle the issues of the professional environment and obligations that you are called to undertake. Trust your ideas and suggestions with the diligence and responsibility that distinguishes you how you can manage any challenge. After all, it is the one that will lead you to stand out and make everyone understand what you can offer. 


Do not allow potential professional obligations that stress you to leave time for your personal life. It is a fact that in your partner you will find the person who can understand as long as you do not convey your irritation. The unattached through the professional environment is not excluded to be a person who is directly interested in you. 


Cancer, your mood rises sharply as you seem to find your optimism and look at life from a positive perspective. Do not hesitate to take initiatives for training issues can play an important role in his spiritual pursuits. After all, these are the ones that give you joy.

Professional - financial

It's not the best day for business as it seems you do not have the required concentration and discipline. Take care to be diligent in what you have undertaken as you may be exposed due to the negligence that governs you. Besides, you can combine joy and work without losing your fun with the good psychology you have.


Your positive mood will play a decisive role in your relationship as well, as you seem to express your feelings, something that particularly satisfies your partner. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with people who have common spiritual perceptions or philosophical approach to things.


Leo, the need to turn inside and face insecurities and fears is intense. It is a fact that you become more suspicious of those around you and this can be an obstacle in your relationship. Trust your intuition which will surely not betray you.

Professional - financial

Your instinct can uniquely guide you in finding solutions to financial issues in relation to third parties, so make sure you listen to it in an absolute way. Sudden discussions and suggestions from the professional environment can work extremely well for your finances. 

Your personal upset can negatively affect your relationship if you allow it, you will do well to be very careful. Indulge in passion and the intensity of emotions and enjoy the presence of the person next to you. The unattached can be trapped in introversion and this will not allow you to be left to a new person who is likely to show interest.


Virgo, you focus your attention on your interpersonal relationships in the afternoon and it is important for you to focus on the people who play the role in your life. Trying to satisfy them can make you forget your own requirements and needs, so make sure you keep your balance to be satisfied.

Professional - financial

It is not ruled out that there may be sudden proposals for collaborations that you should think very well about what they can give you. Creativity in the professional field will also play an important role in seeing which path you must follow to succeed. The good mood and understanding you show will balance which different approaches exist. 


Resolving issues with your partner will be the ideal solution that will free the relationship and help you put insecurities and fears aside. The unattached person communicates and charms with the way you think, something that will play a decisive role in possible new acquaintances that may arise.


Libra, everyday life is what can trouble you as you seem to focus on the routine and want to sort out issues that can create problem and stress in your schedule. Do not forget that obsessions and whining bother those around you so try to avoid them. 

Professional - financial

The chores you have undertaken in terms of work can worry you and fill you with stress. This is something you are called to manage in order not to dynamize the relationships with those around you. Trust the ideas you may have as they are the ones that will provide highly satisfactory solutions to most of your cases.

Focusing on the details that are bothering you will only cause problems for your partner, be sure to discuss calmly what can be an obstacle in everyday life because you are only likely to see improvement. The unrestrained tension and nervousness that possess you leave no room for you to be left to a new acquaintance.


Scorpio, the joy you feel is filled and reflected in the whole environment you move and this is something that raises your self-confidence. You are the protagonist wherever you are, of course take care to overcome egocentric moods, they may not allow you to see clearly what you enjoy.

Professional - financial

You feel more creative than ever and this plays an important role in the subsequent elimination of your professional pursuits. Your suggestions can be valuable and will surely be appreciated by the people who play a leading role in your career. It is not ruled out that there may be proposals for collaborations that will pleasantly surprise you.

Your personal life can take off as long as you are not trapped in the exaggerations and selfishness that will bother your partner. Possible surprises are renewing in your relationship. The unattached, you feel that the time has come to find the person who suits you, beware of the exaggerations that can bother you in possible new acquaintances.


Sagittarius, you leave behind intense communication and settle issues that concern your immediate environment until noon. From noon onwards you seek to be with the people of his family environment enjoying every moment with them. Your tenderness and warmth fill you with security.

Professional - financial

It is not excluded that sudden proposals will come that will play a positive role in your psychology and in your career. Of course, you will do well not to get into a process of controversy just wanting to react to what your superiors tell you because this is something that will ultimately cost you. 


The understanding you show in your personal life will help solve problems. Of course, take care that possible mood swings and nervousness do not affect your relationship because it will have negative consequences. The unattached will enjoy the warmth of your home and will hardly get into the process of flirting with new faces.


Capricorn, your communicative mood is here to help you express what you are thinking and to get in touch with people close to you. Sudden ideas lead to unique moments of fun that you enjoy as you enjoy being extroverted.

Professional - financial

Take trade and communication initiatives as these are the items that can perform significantly on a professional level. Do not think about going back to possible suggestions that come suddenly as you can quickly realize that they are more likely to work out the best for you.

Good communication with your partner will play an important role in the relationship as it enables you to understand what they want from each other. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with new people who may pique your interest and come suddenly into your life to overturn the data in your romance.


Aquarius, your material and emotional needs come to the fore and occupy you intensely. However, due to the insecurities that you may feel, you may be led to an absolute attitude and stubborn behavior that will disturb the environment in which you move. Take care to avoid it and enjoy the small joys of life.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to discuss financial issues that concern you and to give your own proposal to people who can play an important role in the financial field. The reality is that you are called to seize the opportunity given to you so as not to let the moments go by without being able to gain what you deserve.

Passion prevails and it is certain that you can have a unique time with your partner as long as you leave your stubbornness and uncompromising attitude aside. They are the ones that will lead to meaningless conflicts. The unattached feel that the right person has not yet come who will pleasantly surprise you in your life.


Pisces, introversion can trouble you until noon as it seems that the mind does not escape from situations of the past that trouble you. From noon onwards, your psychology changes and you come to the fore dynamically, claiming the attention to the environment in which you move.

Professional - financial

You are determined and you will not hesitate to take initiatives for possible collaborations that you think can pay off for you. Seize the opportunity for new surprise proposals that may be given to you, but you will do well to limit your divisive mood as it is the one that will be an obstacle to the positive development of things.


Try not to be selfish and subjective with your partner because this is something that will cost your relationship. Work smart and then you will see that he can realize is what is probably bothering you. The unattached one impresses with your dynamism and self-confidence, but the exaggerations will bother you, so make sure to limit them.

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