The astrological predictions of Friday, April 21, 2023

Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus and will remain in this position until May 15, a favorable period to re-evaluate relationships, partnerships and goals. There will be openings to re-discuss past issues, it will be possible to find solutions to pending issues or to relationships that were left in the middle during the previous period. On a communication level there will be difficulties, attention to assertiveness, intransigence and stubborn reaction.



Aries, the day clouds your thinking and can significantly influence your decisions in relation to people in the wider family and friendly environment. Do not enter into important discussions as you are likely to be disappointed.

Professional - financial 

On the one hand negligence, on the other hand the prevailing illusions do not leave room to realistically see how you should move towards your professional goals. Try to avoid important decisions and get carried away by big words you will hear.

Make sure to spend a highly romantic evening with the person you have by your side without excessive demands and illusions that do not allow you to function realistically. If you are uncommitted/careful you should be in an acquaintance through the wider environment as appearances are deceiving and you may invest emotionally in the wrong person.


Taurus, the day gives you the opportunity to turn to spiritual matters, education and your wider environment. Midday brings to the surface past situations that affect you psychologically and you react sharply to the groups you find yourself in.

Professional - financial

It is important to avoid hasty moves that will not develop as you would really like, due to possible fears that come to the surface and dominate your psychology. Seize the opportunity to think very carefully about how you should act professionally and find your optimism again.

Don't lose your optimism and positive mood for repressed things from the past that come to the surface and may disappoint you and, by extension, your partner. If you are unattached, it is possible that a new acquaintance will arise through your wider environment, your personal fears can get in the way of its positive development.


Gemini, the day increases irritation due to insecurities and fears that come to the surface affecting your psychology. The afternoon may lead you to lash out at friendly faces due to the strong suspicion that you possess.

Professional - financial

Financial issues come to the surface and create intense irritation for you as you consider that there are obstacles in your plans and ambitions. Be careful as your movements and behavior can dynamize the atmosphere with partners or people you deal with.

Jealousy and doubts can get in the way of goals you have with your partner, make sure you stay cool and avoid unnecessary confrontations. If you are unattached you will find it difficult to let go of a new person who may come into your life as you vacillate between complete fusion and complete independence.


Cancer, the day cannot be ruled out to increase stress and tension in everyday life, creating problems with those around you. Be careful as you lose your planning due to mistakes and delusions you have.

Professional - financial

You lose your composure in everyday life and at work and this can lead to wrong choices. You should also be careful when it comes to relationships with your colleagues as wrong impressions can lead to conflicts that should be avoided.

Irritation clouds thinking and it is possible that it will erupt at your partner about issues you don't need. Take care to protect your relationship from tension. If you are unattached, fatigue and dysthymia leave no room for flirting and you will most likely choose to stay in your personal space.


Leo, the day does not allow you to see objectively what the person who is the star in your personal life can offer you. Delusions and illusions dominate and lead to wrong choices and excessive demands.

Professional - financial

The increased demands you have on yourself can lead to excessive choices in the professional field. It is better not to make moves that you will later realize are unsuccessful and you will be disappointed in yourself. Make sure you get the required distance to really see what the best options are.

You feel that your partner does not understand your real needs, but the reality is that you lack objective judgment and can create problems in your relationship. If you are uncommitted/careful you should be in a new acquaintance who may promise a lot but the course will show that he cannot live up to them.


Virgo, the day enhances sentimentality and outbursts in the family environment. It is better to avoid important decisions and discussions that will disrupt family life due to a wrong approach to things. 

Professional - financial

It is necessary to be particularly careful in matters of real estate that may come to the fore as persons who approach you may promise a lot. Most likely, however, they will not be able to live up to what they promise and in the end you will be disappointed by your choices.

Make sure to enjoy the romance in your personal space with your partner and avoid conversations that are likely to lead to disappointment. If you are unattached, it will be difficult for you to indulge in extroversion and fun as moodiness is intense and does not allow you to be social.


Libra, the day creates disturbance in the immediate environment due to illusions that may exist on your part. Don't allow others to steer you wrong because sooner or later you will be disappointed by them as well as yourself.

Professional - financial

It is necessary to avoid important deals and transactions as you do not have an objective view of things and this can lead to wrong moves. Try not to commit and be influenced by persons who make big promises but cannot live up to them.

The day is not suitable for discussions as the promises that will be made by both you and your partner do not have a realistic basis and this is something that can negatively affect your relationship. If you are unattached, pay attention to a new acquaintance who can skyrocket your psychology, but it is possible that she hides elements of her character that do not suit you.


Scorpio, the day creates disruption in terms of your material and emotional needs. Insecurity surfaces without real reasons that can dynamite both financial and personal relationships.

Professional - financial

It is preferable to avoid possible financial transactions as it is possible that there will be persons who will seek to misdirect you in order to profit from you. At the same time, pay attention to unnecessary expenses as it is easy to lose control and create a problem in your pocket.

You should be careful in what you ask of your partner as you seem to easily lose your temper and demand things that are not realistic. If you are single, it will be difficult for you to focus on meeting new people as your insecurities and fears dominate and define you.


Sagittarius, the day leaves no room for you to see your needs objectively. It is possible that there will be people who will approach you who will impress you, but be careful not to immediately show confidence because you will be disappointed.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you may take on a professional level today are likely to be in the wrong direction since it is not easy to perceive in realistic terms how you should move. At the same time, try not to make promises to your partners that are not easy to keep.

The unrealistic demands you may have from your partner will shake your relationship for good and create problems as you easily lose your temper. If you are single make sure to avoid people who may promise that they can meet your needs as you will get hurt later. 


Capricorn, the day reinforces the need for isolation as issues from the past come to the fore and frustrate you deeply. Make sure to engage in art and music to be able to balance yourself psychologically.

Professional - financial

Blurred thoughts and intense emotionality create problems in everyday life and in managing the obligations you have undertaken at work. Be careful because mistakes are possible and it is not excluded that you will be exposed due to choices that come from a lack of equanimity.

Dedicate moments for your partner away from everyone and everything. Don't allow past issues to cloud your thoughts and create problems in the relationship. If you are uncommitted, the person from the past may concern you, keep a small basket of possible promises he may make because it is most likely that he will not live up to them.


Aquarius, the day may bring close people from your friendly environment who will try to lure you towards common goals. Avoid committing yourself because you will be disappointed with the results later.

Professional - financial

Make sure that you are completely focused on possible movements or conversations that you are called to participate in your professional life as it is possible that you will be led to wrong conclusions due to the need to idealize the persons with whom you are involved. Avoid commitments and absolute trust right from the start in those who promise a lot.

It is not the best day for discussions regarding the goals you have with your partner as delusions do not allow you to see clearly how you should move. If you are unattached, new acquaintances may arise through the friendly environment that promise a lot, but the result will probably be disappointing, so give time to see their true motives.


Pisces, today generally makes you feel like talking to friendly people and enjoying their company. Midday strengthens stubbornness and intransigence, creating problems and friction with people from the friendly environment.

Professional - financial

You should be careful with the people you work with on a professional level as it is possible that financial issues will surface that lead to conflicts. Make sure to overcome tension and stubbornness that will negatively affect communication and any developments.

Insecurities lead you to be persistent and nervous towards your partner and this is enough to affect common goals and ambitions you have. If you are uncommitted, people from the friendly environment may show their interest in you, but you seem rigid in your behavior and this causes dissatisfaction.

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