The astrological predictions of Friday, March 24, 2023

The Moon is in Taurus, there will be a need for stabilization and security, both in matters of a financial nature and in matters related to the emotional life, the interest will be focused on securing and restoring. There will be openings for transactions and buying and selling, it is possible that some will succeed in acquiring a material good that they have long desired.



Krie, the anxiety you have can play a negative role in communicating with your environment and create conflicts due to your insecurities. In the afternoon the introversion becomes more intense than ever and leads to pessimistic thoughts that will affect your psychology even more.

Professional - financial 

You have the opportunity to focus on your collaborations but you feel insecure and this leads you to conflicting behaviors. Take care to avoid anything that creates doubts for those around you as it does not allow you to think logically and negatively affects your professional relationships.

This is not a good day for important discussions with your partner as you are more likely to clash and feel frustrated about the outcome of the conversation. If you are single, you are not in the mood to talk to new people who may be interested in you as gloom prevails.


Taurus, the day focuses your attention mainly on emotional and material needs and you can be egocentrically trapped in what interests you without paying attention to what others want. Be careful because this behavior will cause dissatisfaction.

Professional - financial

Financial discussions may not go as you would like simply because you are self-centered in what you want to gain without thinking about the people you trade with. Beware of conflicts with your associates that will lead to final ruptures and removal.

There can be tension with your partner which will lead to coldness and conflicts between you. Make sure you use the day to overcome any difficulties and have a good time. If you are single, it is possible that there will be an acquaintance who will come suddenly to change the facts of your life and take you off.


We give, the day creates the conditions to charm everyone with your presence and confidence. But make sure you show objectivity and willingness to understand and communicate to people who are important in your life because selfishness will damage your relationships.

Professional - financial

Everyday life will have upsets and your work course may change direction due to the tensions and sudden events that will affect colleagues and relationships. In the course of the day you will find the determination and strength to dominate and give the necessary solutions that will get you out of the impasse.

It is necessary to show attention in your personal life as you cling to details that strengthen the relationship. If you are single, people from the past may return to lead you to a state of revision of your personal goals and expectations.


Cancer, the conflicts that may arise in the family environment due to your behavior will energize the atmosphere and lead you to extreme situations. Be careful to avoid exaggerations that can expose you irreparably.

Professional - financial

The tension that prevails in the professional field can vibrate for good the relationships with your superiors, so you should be very careful in the way you handle which situations have arisen. It is important to overcome your fears and see with cool eyes what the objective reality is.

You distance yourself from your partner due to intense concerns that you have, but this is not stupid for a balanced relationship. If you are single, it is not easy to let go of new acquaintances and your feelings as frustration prevails on all levels.


Leo, you will not hesitate to become angry with a person from your immediate environment who may hurt them. Be careful because exaggerations do not leave room for calm and balance in important relationships in your life and later you may regret it.

Professional - financial

Conflicts with people you deal with on a commercial level can cause you problems and frustration. But keep in mind that your own behavior may not be the right one, so make sure you make the necessary changes to have the necessary balance.

It is important to pay attention to your partner without trying to impose your point of view as this is what will lead to rivalries. If you are unattached / you will hardly allow a new acquaintance to enter your life since your mood is not the right one to exchange views and enjoy moments.


Virgo, the upset you feel and the lack of self-confidence can play an important role in your relationships with your environment as wanting to be reassured can become oppressive and absolute. It is necessary to pay attention to your behavior so that there are no violent conflicts. 

Professional - financial

You will not hesitate to clash with people you trade financially as you think they are trying to speculate against you. Make it clear that it is not your personal fears and suspicions that you have since you are likely to argue for no reason.

You will hardly be able to tell your partner to give you the security that is necessary for you as you are suspicious of him and this becomes immediately apparent. If you are unattached, you do not allow a new acquaintance to invade your life as fears prevail and do not allow you to have an objective opinion.


Libra, you can become very manipulative and pushy with the people around you, but the reactions will be intense and you will do well to be prepared. Dark thoughts and insecurities leave no room for a realistic approach to things.

Professional - financial

Exaggerations and the need to impose yourself on a professional level today, but it is important to put aside extreme behaviors to be able to manage any issues that arise and interest you. Be careful in the afternoon because your financial situation will disappoint you and will create insecurity for you.

Intense egoism will energize your relationship, take care not to create problems for no real reason, simply because of your phobias. If you are not committed, your aggressive attitude can take away a new acquaintance who is interested in you, it is important to keep your nerves.


Scorpio, introversion breeds fears that are not easy to manage, but you should not break out in those around you and it is important to try to find psychological balance without tension. From the afternoon onwards, selfishness dominates and creates problems in your relationships. 

Professional - financial

Conflicts with the people you work with are very likely to vibrate during the day as it is not easy to hold on to the nervousness that possesses you and emotional outbursts are possible. Avoid any important discussions as evolution will not favor you.

The gloom and pessimism you feel will not allow you to experience beautiful moments with your partner and you will probably be isolated in your thoughts. If you are single, it is not easy to deal with a person who shows interest in you as what you want is to be alone.


Sagittarius, the introversion dominates from the afternoon onwards as the intensity of the day may have put you in a difficult position with people from the friendly environment. Watch your behavior because you may regret your actions that will stigmatize friendships.

Professional - financial

Confrontations in the professional environment in which you move are a given as you seek to impose your views and that is enough to create problems. Make sure you are conciliatory and avoid addictive behaviors that will not help you develop your goals.

The insecurity you feel is intense and does not allow you to create the right environment for you and your partner to enjoy romance and tenderness. If you are single, people from the past come back and disappoint you with their behavior.


Capricorn, the tension you feel can lead to social behaviors and exaggerations that will disappoint those around you. Watch your mood in public places as it will not be difficult to be exposed due to the nervousness that you have.

Professional - financial

Problems in the workplace can greatly annoy your superiors as you may not be able to calmly manage different points of view and approaches to individual issues. Put excesses and aggression aside because you are losing your right.

Your strange behavior will greatly trouble your partner and will create conflict situations in your personal life. If you are single, it is not easy to let go of a person who comes through a friendly environment as you feel frustrated and insecure about yourself.


Aquarius, people from the wider relative and friendly environment may be disappointed by your attitude as you seem to be fanatical about your views and try to impose them in an absolute way. Restrain your momentum so that there are no unnecessary tensions.

Professional - financial

The absoluteness that possesses you in your professional choices leaves no room for calm conversations and discussions with your superiors. Do not drive any situation to extremes as this will only work to your detriment.

The cruelty with which you deal with your partner can be annoying and lead to his removal. You will do well to keep the measure so that there are no problems. If you are single, it is not easy to be left to a new person through the professional environment that shows his interest in you as you feel that the time has come to think very well what you want.


Pisces, the day enhances your need to be with family and resolve issues that may be pending and hurting you. You are given the opportunity to express everything you think, attention to the mood that will negatively affect the course of the discussions.

Professional - financial

You may be trapped in your personal needs claiming the best for you but this is more likely to annoy your superiors and lead to friction. Try to show understanding and compromise in what they suggest as this way you will find the necessary balance.

You can create a unique setting where romance and tenderness will star and launch your relationship to the heights. If you are single, the new acquaintance may come suddenly through the wider environment to change your personal worldview.

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