The astrological predictions of Friday, November 4, 2022

The Moon is in Pisces, the moods will be condescending, the climate in discussions will be peaceful, the flexibility will give the impetus for agreements, reconciliations, reconnection. The conditions will be favorable for meaningful discussions of an emotional nature, couples will be able to get along, feelings are rewarmed.


You tend to keep a low profile until the Moon enters your sign later and you crave more interaction. However moods are likely to be on the whimsical side as the day progresses and you may feel some pressure to speed things up. Unfortunately people don't tend to take real time to listen and irritation can result. You can quickly become frustrated with how others express their ideas, especially if you suspect narrow-mindedness or passive-aggressive behavior.

You may start the day with a relaxed, creative approach, but that may be difficult later today when Mercury and Mars will be in a difficult aspect, creating a sense that you need to rush or push an issue. There may be plenty of energy available but it is not easy to channel it. A disagreement over ideas or choice of words is possible with the partner. Keeping yourself mentally stimulated and engaged even with games can be helpful.

Your personal life may be a bit tense today especially as the day progresses. Irritations tend to stem from a lack of control over routines or work. You may feel like you're pushing the limits, but your desire to grow and improve wins out. However, watch out for competitive moods in your communications. You could also feel impatient with people who seem to take too long to understand you. Slowing down is preferable to speeding up.

You may need to consciously avoid over-engaging with today's enthusiastic energy. People around you may neglect or misunderstand your wishes or actions. Even joking with someone can create irritation. Try to avoid pushing things and find ways to calm your frayed nerves. While there are better times for focused work or activities, today's is good for making connections.

You feel quite motivated and oriented today and ready to tackle a practical problem. Learning new things about yourself or someone important to you is rewarding. Later today Mercury in a minor challenging aspect to Mars can show some frustrations that arise especially with a partner, family member or friend. Think about both the benefits and challenges that impulsivity brings to your life so that you are better equipped to deal with surprises that come your way.

You focus more on your relationships and support system. Counting on someone is natural right now. A minor but tense aspect between Mercury and Mars later today could cause trouble, especially since Mercury is your ruler and is in your communications and mobility sector. Mars at the top of your solar chart is retrograde and causes buried disappointments. You may be working under stress right now, feeling pressure to produce or solve problems quickly.

You are motivated to share ideas or learn something useful today. Bringing others together can be very powerful. Later however there can be some impatience especially with people who have no sense of proportion or who seem quite rude. There may be indecision or doubt in management. As much as you would like to make a decision, try not to rush, especially if it has to do with critical financial matters or a partnership.

You value leisurely or creative pursuits more than usual today. With the strong desire to express yourself it is good to be careful not to cause unnecessary trouble. As the day progresses there may be a tendency to communicate too impulsively or become too irritated due to a difference of opinion. They are also likely to lead you astray. You may feel a little inconsistent on an intimate level if there is a temporary lack of flow or misunderstandings. Emotionally stimulating activities satisfy you the most and the need to create and express yourself uniquely is at the fore.

You may be satisfied with your efforts to support others or even yourself. The Moon spends much of the day in your home and family sector aligning with your ruler Jupiter. Later today, however, communications can very easily go awry and something from your past that you would rather keep buried may emerge. Alternatively your mind may anxiously scan the past for answers and settling yourself can be difficult.

The ability to help with information can be greatly appreciated today. You find a lot to learn and share. Later today, however, passive-aggressive behavior may be evident, especially in your social circle. There can be minor glitches or changes in plans and schedules that threaten to throw you off your game. You may feel that someone is overstepping their bounds and this can make you defensive. Better days are coming to get closer to someone so it's best to be patient.

A big part of you wants to settle down and get comfortable today, and you're likely to get the chance. Focusing on your practical affairs and fundamental needs can go a long way. Later today your curiosity increases. An edge in the atmosphere can make you feel like you need to accomplish something solid. However, it's not clear where to channel your energy as Mercury and retrograde Mars form a slightly challenging aspect, which can cause a restlessness or unnecessary arguments and drama.

The Moon is in your sign all day and you are very energetic and interactive. Minor challenging aspects can however cause some concern or question marks. It is difficult to understand a situation and some misunderstandings can disrupt your interactions. Once you get past the distractions you'll probably enjoy yourself. Emotionally, you feel particularly inspired and renewed.