The astrological predictions of Thursday, March 23, 2023

Pluto enters Aquarius, at an initial stage it will remain in this position until June 12, during which time there will be reform decisions and actions. On a technological level, it is possible that discoveries will be made that will change the social and scientific establishment. The mood for revolutionary actions will be strong, actions will be non-conformist, the structure of established systems may change



Krie, the day creates a pleasant mood with people close to you. But it is possible to be subjective to what satisfies you and this can create tensions. Make sure you listen and others want her to have a good time.

Professional - financial 

Take advantage of possible opportunities that can be given to you on a commercial level, just do not focus on what you want to gain as this behavior will create problems for you. Sudden upheavals in financial matters upset you but you find during the day the determination to give solutions.

Insecurities are many and may concern you but should not affect your relationship as you are given the opportunity to resolve what concerns you from the past and leave it behind. If you are single, the person from the recent past can come back and lift your spirits.


Taurus, do not return to possible insecurities to dominate as they will lead you to absolute nervousness. Relationships with those around you and especially with friendly people can be disrupted. You will do well to contain the irritability and put aside the intransigence that will create significant problems.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations can develop very positively if you show determination and will to have the necessary balances. Significant opportunities may arise that you are called to take advantage of as new career paths will open before you.

Do not allow the intensity of the day to affect your personal life as you can spend unique moments with the person next to you. If you are single, the optimism and passion that exudes act as a magnet for new people who want to enter your life and win you over.


Gemini, the tension with people who play a decisive role in your public image can lead to fierce rivalries. Be sure to put aside impulsivity and aggression as you will create additional problems in yourself and in important relationships for you.

Professional - financial

The intuition and optimism that distinguishes you can act as a counterweight to the intense irritation that exists with your superiors. Make sure you channel your energy by fulfilling responsibilities and obligations that you have undertaken in order to stay away from conflicts that will only create problems for you.

You have the opportunity to solve everyday issues that may bother you in your relationship and to get closer than ever with the person who stars in your life. If you are single, new acquaintances may emerge that will play a key role in your personal life from now on as they came to stay.


Cancer, the day intensifies the emotion and it is not excluded that you are preoccupied with issues of the past or memories. Faces come back to give you beautiful moments and to spend an evening discussing and reminiscing about the old that will satisfy you.

Professional - financial

The dynamism and determination that possesses you is very evident in the professional arena for this and you will not hesitate to take initiatives when needed. Pay attention to sudden events that overturn your goals and can cause you intense irritation.

Passion dominates your personal life, attention to sudden events that will create tension and may lead you to distance yourself from your partner. If you are single / the new acquaintance is coming into your life like lightning, you will do well not to invest emotionally because the same can happen suddenly.


Leo, the day creates the conditions for you to have a unique time with friendly people. Friends you have seen for a long time come in contact with you and it is possible to spend beautiful moments having fun and setting new goals that satisfy you.

Professional - financial

Your goals are non-negotiable as it is important for you to move forward as best you can in terms of your dreams. Of course, it is necessary to calmly manage sudden changes that can create tension in the professional field and take you away from people who play a decisive role in your career.

Romance can dominate and along with passion can take off your relationship. Just make sure you overcome the insecurities and doubts that plague you. If you are single, people from the past can come back through the friendly environment and emphasize their need to be in your life again.


Virgo, your day strongly creates the need to be promoted and get closer to the social prestige you seek. People from the past come and create the conditions to help you, make sure you limit the absoluteness and selfishness that will bother you. 

Professional - financial

Proposals that may be extremely interesting at the professional level are likely to return to the forefront, be careful not to get caught up in the wants and subjectivity by displeasing the people involved. Beware of reversals in commercial partnerships that may escalate tensions.

It is important to communicate and have a good time with your partner as this will help you leave behind possible conflicts that you have. If you are single, it is possible that a person who has played a leading role in your life will return and trouble you with the promises and suggestions he has.


Libra, the day turns your attention to people from the wider relative and friendly environment who come after a while to help you open your spiritual horizons and discover what really covers you.

Professional - financial

Financial issues come to the fore that you are called to solve but upheavals are possible and you must be ready for everything. Take care to keep a low profile so that you can manage in the best possible way any issues that come to the fore and concern you.

Absoluteness will not help you to act realistically in possible upheavals that will create tension in your relationship. Think calmly and wisely. If you are unattached, faces suddenly appear in front of you, upsetting you and creating unprecedented emotions that surprise you.


Scorpio, the day reinforces insecurity and doubts and this can manifest itself abruptly in the environment in which you find yourself. It is important to think realistically and let go of your fears away from important relationships for you. 

Professional - financial

Financial issues in relation to third parties and business actions will concern you today as you seem to have the opportunity to promote potential requests that you have. The moves you make can pay off as long as you free yourself from suspicion and egocentrism.

Sudden issues with your partner upset the beautiful climate that prevails and explosive situations can be created that it is good to avoid. If you are single, new acquaintances come suddenly and upset you, make sure you use the moments to have a unique time.


Sagittarius, the day intensifies your need for an intense social life and communication for this you are more likely to talk in groups with people from the past who fill you with joy and you can spend beautiful moments with them.

Professional - financial

You need to be careful at work as the mind travels and it is not easy to concentrate. This can lead to mistakes that will expose you and conflict situations that will affect colleagues and relationships. Find the dynamism you have inside you to meet any requirements.

Companionship is strong in the relationship and the day is ideal to solve issues that are pending and may trouble your relationship. If you are single, it is possible that there are people in the work environment who come suddenly to upset you and change your daily life.


Capricorn, the day gives you the opportunity to review your daily life and everything that tires you. But the fact is that you are not objective and you may have additional demands from those around you, something that will bother you greatly.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to review what you do not like about the work environment, but you should not focus only on what satisfies you because you will cause tension and friction with your colleagues. Show compromise to be able to get the best result.

You are given the opportunity to spend uniquely with your partner enjoying the moments with people from the friendly environment that fill you with joy. If you are single, it is possible to know that I was surprised by the friendly new person around you who will pique your interest.


Aquarius, the day strongly creates the need to have fun, to rejoice, to create, to feel like a child. This mood of yours can bring you close to companies that create the conditions for you to have a unique time!

Professional - financial

There can be upsets in business plans that can upset you and lead to conflicts with people who play a crucial role in your career. Take care to keep your composure and find the confidence you need to take initiatives and find the necessary solutions.

Sensuality and passion can take off your personal life and create wonderful moments for two that you will enjoy with your partner. If you are unattached, it is possible that a person from the past will return, be careful because the need to impose yourself will lead to abrupt and selfish behaviors.


Pisces, put aside your aggressive and conflicting mood as this will significantly affect your family life and lead to fierce conflicts. Try to calm down and not be impulsive in your behavior because you will hurt people who are important to you.

Professional - financial

Spasmodic initiatives that you can take on a professional level can expose you, as you are overwhelmed by nerves and mood swings leaving logic aside. Think carefully before making any move as it is important not to be exposed and to work positively on whatever goals you have.

You feel that you can spend time alone with your partner and spend time with him that will help you balance and get rid of nervousness. If you are unattached through your wider environment there may be a new acquaintance that will develop very favorably in your life.

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