The astrological predictions of Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The Moon makes its appearance in Pisces, the characteristics will be emotionality, awareness, compassion, understanding. There will be a need for calmness and inner balance, in discussions there will be a possibility for understanding and acceptance. In the emotional field, couples will have the opportunity to discuss openly, to clarify and provide solutions to the disputed issues, the moods will be condescending.


Looking for opportunities to settle debts or settle accounts today? It's a great time to think about leaving unnecessary attachments behind. There will be better times to take on something new than now with your planet Mars retrograde. Venus aligns with your South Node in your solar 8th house and you may enjoy comforts, but there is also the possibility of missing an opportunity. You have a strong desire to know that the future is secure and that achieving your goals will satisfy you in the long run.

Avoid taking on responsibilities that others should take or be careful not to rely too much on others, since it would be better to do things yourself. You can benefit from looking to the past for answers to present problems. It's a good time to find something you've lost. Take advantage of the powerful energy available to sense the creative direction you need to take. Your communications and friendships are favoured.

You may be looking in the past for answers to work or health issues. However, it may be best to avoid repeating old methods just because they are more familiar to you. Consider not holding on to something that no longer serves you, especially an attitude or expectation. Settling scores is a priority now as Venus connects to your South Node. There is also a tendency to throw yourself into work to avoid dealing with a problem or emotion.

There may be a connection with an old love interest or an old friend. You may also feel more sensitive about an old love. You can benefit from looking at the past as it may reawaken a worthwhile pursuit, but consider that you could be holding on to the past in unhealthy ways. As Venus meets the South Node your tendency may be to revert to quick fixes or the easy route instead of moving in the direction of challenge, reward and growth.

Today there is a tendency to retreat into comfortable behaviors instead of challenging yourself or aiming to grow and learn. Old habits are very appealing to you now, and a good deed from the past can benefit you. Using your talents can reap rewards. It is also possible to discover new talents. It may be wise to take some time or focus on the vision rather than the details of a plan for now.

Today's actions tend to pull you back into the past. You are not willing to challenge yourself and leave behind the talents and resources you already have. Avoid using ways to appease others that may come back to haunt you later. Be discreet especially with relatives, neighbors or classmates and don't make promises. Someone may ask for your guidance and you feel great if you help them.

With a greater awareness of where you may be overly attached today, you will be able to overcome obstacles related to money and business. There is a tendency to want to do it all yourself these days, but sharing, trusting and combining to achieve something is the way to reap the rewards, even if it seems like the hardest route to take to follow right now. Look to leave things you don't need behind. You may also connect with someone who helps you feel comfortable or has a calming effect on you.

Today's Venus - South Node alignment helps you release stress and tension. It can be helpful to let go of something from the past. However, this transit may convince you to take the easy way out. Sometimes you need a break, but other times you miss out on opportunities to grow and learn if you walk away from a challenge and that may be true today. If you find that you often reject doing things alone, working together would be better for you and help you.

Strong memories guide you or unusual connections are made now. You may be reunited with an old friend as Venus and the South Node align in your solar 12th house. There may be some tendency to look for the easy way out, but with a little adventure and honesty you might learn what is most valuable to you, which will benefit you greatly.

The best approach to relationships today is support. Trust and bonding grow by empowering each other. Socially you could be in the mood to feel comfortable. A connection with an old friend or strong memories of someone from your past can be powerful and emotionally charged now. You may need to take on tasks that help eliminate delays and contribute to your progress.

You are in a great position to capture your feelings today. Venus aligns with the South Node and it's easier to see what attachments are holding you back from growing and progressing. You might make a plan to clear old projects that are slowing your progress or take care of your tasks so you can start over.

You take care of unfinished business that will help move things along later. Today's transits can prompt you to consider what habits or attachments in your life may be preventing you from growing and evolving, particularly mentally or in terms of attitudes and mindsets. Seek to use your diplomatic talent in your dealings.