The astrological predictions of Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The Moon is in Aquarius, the events will help organize collective action, there will be no shortage of actions of social contribution and solidarity. Characteristics will be drive, optimism, enthusiasm, spontaneity, need for change and reform. The way of thinking will be innovative, new ideas will be heard in matters of a professional nature, the documented opinions will have the ability to convince and influence.


The people in your life tend to be more reliable than usual today, and you generally have your priorities in order. You are in a good position to apply yourself to educational and social projects. Your motivation becomes clear and you lay the groundwork for a specific goal. Fortunately you can rely on patience to work and do something right. Today your time is spent striving for something certain or perfecting an art.

Today's transits support independent study and research. You may feel more driven and the urge to manage a situation or take charge is strong. Resourcefulness helps you advance your goals. You prefer to devote yourself to something of value and need work to distract you. It would be helpful to get more organized today, as it can help you feel more in control of your life.

With the current transits the day is constructive but pleasant. You may feel a strong need to get away from it all or change your routine, but you are also practical enough to learn something useful. You have positive energy with you to adapt yourself to learning and studying. Your day has a rhythm. Expressing devotion through your actions can be greatly appreciated. Patience can help you achieve your goals.

Today's transits emphasize deep thoughts, study, research, secrets and mysteries. You can learn something unique about your inner workings. Fortunately, you are motivated and ready to put in the effort required. Freelancing can thrive, and you're in a great place to manage money and details. The energies today are particularly suitable for operating or working behind the scenes.

The Moon spends the day in your partnership sector, encouraging valuable conversation. It can be a great time to work together. Someone can remind you of your obligations. Even so, you're right on track, and while you appreciate feedback and interaction at this time of the lunar month, you don't seem to need others to motivate you to pursue your goals. With your heart truly in your pursuits you can move mountains.

Today's transits inspire a strong desire to get down to business. First, the Moon conjuncts Saturn in your work and health sector, and you have an emotional need to overcome your routine or daily affairs. However, activities that require intense focus or concentration are an easy task. You are perfectly capable of doing your own thing today and believing in your goals. You might discover something missing.

Today's transits favor structured activities more. You can actually be quite productive if you take things one step at a time and avoid wasting your energy. You are in a perfect place to commit to a special friend or project. You begin to look back on past interests or studies and may find yourself quite motivated to renew them.

Today's transits encourage a gentle but productive pace. You want to heal, replenish and build your strength, but idleness is not your ideal. You can actually find it soothing to do constructive things, even if you start small. It is a good day for special attention to home and family, support system and personal matters. You seem to have more patience or determination to tap into these areas.

The Moon transits your solar 3rd house all day and the need for movement, progress and spiritual stimulation is strong. At the same time you want to progress, improve and be constructive. It's a good time to share useful information or collaborate on a special interest or project. A little self-discipline can go a long way. Today is a strong day to adapt yourself to learning. You are particularly interested in building on your ideas or putting plans into practical action.

Aligning yourself with your work and endeavors comes naturally and is productive right now, with Mars in your work and health sector. Something needs to be added or changed in a pursuit and you are happy to pay attention to it. Actually processing and refining things can be more beneficial today. Fortunately, activities that require determination are attractive. Equally attractive are the games of love.

The Moon is in your sign all day, awakening emotions that require some attention. At the same time there is energy for you today to devote your interest to a project or more simply to complete your obligations. Striving for a relationship or creative pursuit can be especially attractive and worthwhile. Focus and concentration improve and you may revive an old interest or hobby. There's a decidedly independent energy about you right now, and it's appealing.

The Moon transiting your privacy zone today indicates the need for extra time to yourself for renewal. You are particularly influenced or focused on past experiences and memories today, and it is helpful to research recent events so that you can process and assimilate them. However, making your home or base of operations more comfortable and harmonious is a rewarding focus. Transits today support working towards a specific goal deliberately and patiently rather than scattering your energy.