The astrological predictions of Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Mercury will be in conjunction with Jupiter, it is an aspect that will bring communication openings. The way of thinking will be analytical, the opinions will be expressed in a documented manner, the discussions will be creative. In matters of a professional nature, meetings and agreements will have a constructive effect, the moment is favorable to formulate proposals and new ideas.



Krie, your communicative mood plays a decisive role wherever you are as it gives you the opportunity to express your feelings directly and to win with your positive approach. The fun and the beautiful moments with your friends will relax you and will help you to get out of the routine.

Professional - financial 

It is important to move forward with dynamics in trade-related partnerships as they can yield significant benefits for you. Besides, you have the opportunity to give the required solutions that will impress those around you and will create a very positive development framework.

The beautiful moments you can spend with your partner are the ones that work refreshingly in your psychology and fill you with optimism. If you are unattached, it is not excluded that there may be a new person or a possible return from the past that will occupy you intensely with its presence in your life.


Taurus, it is possible to collide on a daily basis with people you meet as it is not easy to meet any obligations you have undertaken and this stresses you. Be careful in the afternoon as your psychology still does not rise and can isolate you from people around you.

Professional - financial

Controversy in the workplace will bother you intensely but you should avoid exaggerations and the need to impose your views. Criticism will not help those around you to realize what your real intentions are and that will be enough to energize the atmosphere.

The many responsibilities you have taken on negatively affect your relationship and do not allow you to spend time with your partner creating distance between you. If you are single, the new acquaintance is likely to be of interest to you, but your mood is not the best to continue.


Gemini, selfishness will play a negative role in relationships with the environment in which you move as you show an authoritarian person who is not liked by those around you. In the afternoon the obsessions and the critical mood make the situation even more difficult and can create problems with those around you.

Professional - financial

The difficulties he faces in everyday life can disappoint you and you will not hesitate to seek to impose yourself, believing that you are right. Take care to overcome your fears and insecurities as this is what will help you see clearly how you need to move.

Obsessions do not leave room for being objective with your partner and this can create severe problems in the relationship and alienation. If you are single, it is not easy to focus on flirting as your bad mood does not allow you to indulge in something new.


Cancer, it is important for you to deal with family matters that may have arisen and require solutions. But you have the mental strength to give the necessary outlets that will help you relax and take important breaths as you get rid of potential burdens.

Professional - financial

Real estate issues can come back and ask for a solution, it is certain that you can settle in the best possible way whatever arises as you show dynamism and mental strength. The financial opportunities that arise from the opportunities can be exploited and yield significant benefits.

Try to spend time with your partner creating an ideal setting of romance and tenderness that will take the relationship to new heights. If you are single, people from the past are bothering you with their presence again in your life as they create strong emotions once again.


Leo, the good company offered by the people close to you helps you to get out of which difficult situations you face and to feel happy and optimistic with them. A leading role can be played by friends who fill you with joy with their presence in your life.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of whatever opportunities are given to you on a commercial level as you can star in transactions that interest you. It is important for you to have the right financial benefits and you can achieve this as you show with your intelligence and adaptability that you can handle even the most difficult situations.

You move forward with your partner and this common framework that you have set in your relationship helps you get closer than ever and enjoy wonderful moments with each other. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance or person from the friendly environment who returns again to emphasize that he is interested in you.


Virgo, your material and emotional needs are at the forefront and can be of great concern to you. You find the strength to overcome any of your fears and to recognize in yourself your true worth. People in the wider social environment who show their appreciation for your face can also help you with this. 

Professional - financial

Your professional life is at its peak as you show in your own way what you can achieve and what your prospects are. It is not excluded that there may be important financial discussions that will satisfy you with their development as your effort and diligence is recognized in your face.

You can enjoy beautiful moments in social events with your partner that will fill you with strong emotions and will bring you closer than ever. If you are unattached, understanding and optimism create unique conditions for union for a new person who wants to conquer you.


Libra, you are in the center of interest in whatever company you are in as well as with the optimism and joy you exude you create a beautiful environment around you. It is important to enjoy the moments of fun offered to you by people from the wider environment who are very happy to have you in their company.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you take can not go unnoticed by your partners as you show the dynamism and determination that possesses you. The positive development of things will bring satisfactory financial benefits that will make everyone happy.

Feelings and needs can be expressed in a unique way, to be sure that your partner is in the mood to understand you and satisfy you. If you are single, it is possible that an acquaintance will take off the optimism and sensuality by opening a new chapter in your life.


Scorpio, you have the opportunity to face issues of the past that may be of great concern to you as it seems that you have not overcome them. But you have the mental strength to recognize what really bothers you and put it aside by giving priority to the future. 

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to close cases that may be pending and involve financial issues in relation to third parties. Your instinct leaves no room for error as it shows you in its own way how you should move and what are the best possible decisions for you.

Romance and sensuality are harmonized in a unique environment that launches your relationship to the heights. If you are single, it is possible to deal with a person from the past who comes to emphasize the strong feelings he has for you and to claim you once again.


Sagittarius, the friendly environment is the protagonist today as he is given the opportunity to talk to people who are loved and can understand your innovative ideas and views. It is not excluded through this process to have unique new acquaintances that will stigmatize your life.

Professional - financial

It is not excluded that there will be acquaintances through the friendly environment that will play a decisive role in the professional pursuits as it seems to open a new path in front of you in terms of your collaborations. Take advantage of possible suggestions that suit you as you can respond to them ideally.

Setting common goals with your partner is important for both of them as it will help you to work as a team and focus on the common goal. If you are unattached, the people in the friendly environment can show their intense interest in you, seeking to play a leading role in your personal life.


Capricorn, the image he shows in the wider social environment is important to you and you can do everything to improve it. By showing this mood it is certain that you will find people who will respond with good will to which you have aspirations and will help you.

Professional - financial

You show that you have a disposition for hard work, you have methodical thinking and responsibility in whatever you undertake. This impresses everyone in your professional environment and creates important conditions for development, something that makes you very happy.

It is easy for you and your partner to identify issues that need to be resolved on a daily basis and may be bothering you for no reason. If you are unattached through the professional environment, a person may emerge who returns with an interest in you. This will flatter you greatly.


Aquarius, you give the image of a person who is happy and optimistic and you manage to create this in the environment in which you move. Your spiritual interests occupy you intensely and you can discuss for hours focusing on his philosophical pursuits and where they can travel.

Professional - financial

His business moves can focus on people from abroad who have important suggestions for you. Think carefully before making decisions and see the optimistic side of things because it is the one that can ultimately guide you in a very positive way.

Enjoy moments of joy and passion with your partner that will launch the relationship to new heights and will renew the atmosphere in a decisive way. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance from work that will open new horizons in front of you by changing your worldview.


Pisces, fears and insecurities prevail and do not allow you to see objectively what the people around you offer you. Your emotional outbursts will bother you so you will do well to be especially careful.

Professional - financial

You feel that you can not handle financial matters in relation to third parties the way you want and this can create conflict situations between you. Trying to impose your desires you can escape, be careful to avoid it to achieve the desired result.

Give yourself the opportunity to think very carefully about what you want from procrastination as it moves between pessimism and insecurity and this affects your partner. If you are unattached, your distant attitude will prevent a new person from approaching you and showing his / her feelings.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from